Saturday, October 06, 2007

Tin Foil Hat Alert!!!

It's strange, how the "you can't make this shit up" department overflows these days.

Everybody knows that Arrogant military somehow lost almost 200,000 handheld weapons in Wudda-Wreck. This is common knowledge, that is among the un-lobotomized.

Yet, in a major Arrogant newspaper, the "Washington Poop", we now read that it was Wudda-Wreck authorities who "lost" the weapons. This is so ridiculous that it boggles the imagination, the mind wilts and sanity sits in the corner banging her head against the wall while drooling saliva.

If you want to follow me further, dear hearts, I insist that you now put on a double secure tinfoil hat with ostrich feathers attached!

The general meme is that these weapons were lost through incompetence. Whether it was Arrogant or Wudda-Wreck incompetence is moot -- except when you ask, "cui bono" -- who benefits?

Making sure your tinfoil hat is securely in place, I now ask you to recall: back in the real wild west days when the Supreme Hole was vicariously buggering Badass Poosane in the cornhole with his illegal invasion and occupation of Wudda-Wreck, billions of fresh 100$ greenbacks, vacuum packed in black plastic bags we're told were thrown off trucks like it was Halloween trick-or-treat. Are we supposed to really believe this kind of shit? Even the lowest level mobster would tell you, "The money was skimmed, cock sucker!"

In fact, this money went to black operations of some sort -- what sort, you not only do not want to know, you don't even want to imagine!

Reel forward a few years. Somehow, after 60 years of handling Weapons of Mass Immolation, not one, not two, but SIX nuke warheaded cruise missiles, supposedly obsolete and being sent to destruction, are put on the wing rails of a B-52 bomber and sent to the "wrong" air base. By odd coincidence, this base is a staging area for transfers the Muddled East. This was an accident? Right!

This was a black-ops of some sort, blown by somebody who wasn't in the loop. The 6 warheads in question are real cool, by the way! They have a kind of Dial Your Megadeath facility so you can set them from 15 to 150 kilotons!

I'll do the math for you, 6 X 150 = 900 kilotons -- that is the equivalent of 50 times the blasting force of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima -- or, to give your tinfoil hat a twinge, enough to destroy a medium sized country like Uran.

Jeeze, my tinfoil hat must have slipped! I just caught myself thinking that Ronald Rexona or some of his mobsters were involved. I will flagellate myself tonight!

By the way, if you had 200,000 automatic weapons, could you use them to stage a coup in a country? If so, how big a country?

Holy Idaho! I will do more than flagellate tonight, I will shave my head bald and stick it in the toilet bowel!



Crazy Boid..... Let me polish up my Reynolds Wrap head attire and add the following. You have covered the bases from A-Z... What better way to get the U.S. of Arrogance prepared for the next point of contact, than to now take those .. er...a.. misplaced nukes, stuff them into seacontainers and ship them into the ports of Long Beach, Houston, Miami, Baltimore and NY? The vessels dock and the WMD's rock..Flags would come out of the closet and back onto the front porches of THE US of A. We can then watch the Muddled East turn to a sheet of glass. The 300 milllion "Lemmings in Lockstep", will follow whats left of the leadership of Rexona, to the bowels of this planet.
Somewhere there is a checks and balance sheet... could this be a manufacturing based country with 3 plus "B"illion and a lot to gain?
OK, enough implied, I feel the need to use this tinfoil headgear to wrap and bake a spud or two..
Nuke Watcher
Baltimore, MD.

Chuck Cliff said...

Careful you don't get crazier than me, Nukie -- somebody's gotta keep in touch with reality!

As for this thing with containers, there is an easier and spookier way to deliver than going to all that trouble which anybody who has read a lot of Sci-Fi knows.

Question: what happens if large packages of this sort are dropped in fifty feet or less of water off a coast while the wind in blowing inland?