Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can Peace Be Found...?

[All I know for sure is that this was composed by the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy -- as to he meant by it, your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps seeing the on-coming of the Terrible Times unhinged his mentality somehow?]

Can peace be found while the wheel spins?
Can that which is outside also be in?
Can that which is broken be complete?

Whatever the truth, the desire is burning bright
for the flame of love’s embrace in holy light;
a desire without desire, a lust without lust!

Words fail and yet I have to speak,
like a little birdy singing with his beak,
like a waterfall gushing towards the sea.

The words tumble out of my mouth and yet, they stick to my tongue,

How can I want that which I know not;
or find that which has no certain form;
or the beginning of that with no final end?

With a riddle unspoken, a promise never broken;
a place where ends blossom with bright beginnings;
and the race is won without even winning!

On some green mountain, where all is lost
and all is won, following his own footsteps,
the web unravels, disappears and never was...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Path of Simplicity -- an Introduction

[The unknown poet of the Third Galaxy, having backtracked on his success with the Short Short Path, addresses his promise of speaking about the Path of Simplicity]
If it was just a question of what we needed to say in order to find understanding, the answer would be with us in an instant -- in the twinkling of an eye, as it says in the Book of the Holy Idaho [Cornytheans 15:52].

But it's not that simple. In fact, it is simple -- however, the simplicity is of an order of subtlety more than we can know through an intellectual understanding communicable through words or ensconced in traditions or sacraments.

Yet, in reality, it remains the corner stone which the builders ignore. It can be seen in an instant -- and lost just as quickly. We can say that it happens -- but it is useless to ask what makes or causes it to happen. Indeed, in saying that it happens, too much has already been said. And yet, is there not a bright corner, some tiny place where it constantly happens?

It's like with the neutrino, that ittsy-bittsy particle which passes through everything. Each and every moment hundreds of millions of them pass through every one of us, through every square inch of the Earth. But no one notices, in fact, no one can notice it happening.

That is the nature of reality -- you take a breath, hear a sound, taste the spit in your mouth, see the light in your eyes. This is at least an echo of what-is and if this was-not, then what would there be? Would there, could there be any thing?

There is nothing to be concluded here and nothing to say -- except, all the time I was talking about it, the pageant was passing by, unfolding in all its subtle glory. Afterwards, I can understand, intellectually at least, that I was seeing without seeing, hearing without hearing, tasting without tasting, touching...and so on...yes, even thinking without thinking, thinking that I knew something when, in fact, I knew nothing, nothing, nothing at all...

It is a shattering experience to suddenly see that one has seen nothing at all, to realize that we have eaten a meal without tasting the food, lived a life without noticing the love. In such moments the vanity of our lives boggles the imagination leaveing it gasping for breath like a fish on dry land.

Complexity has its place, but without simplicity, there is nothing, nothing, nothing at all.

It would a conceit of the first order to imagine, because you have simplicity, that you have anything -- the moment you have simplicity, once again, you have nothing. As the Holy Idaho supposedly said, foxes have their holes and birds their nests, but the son of man has not even a place to rest his head [Look 9:58].

"And when we find ourselves in the place just right,
'Twill be in the valley of love and delight."

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Raping Opium in the Third Galaxy

[Rampant dishonesty and hypocrisy about what was really going on in the Third Galaxy, politically, economically, environmentally, were ignored by the Bankers of Illusion and together they brewed the cocktail which brought on the Terrible Times. Occasional mention, ouch as the one below, occurred only in small media outlets -- these were, of course, ignored by the mass media (unless there was a sex scandal involved)]

The moral lines we draw between us and our adversaries are fictional. The uplifting narratives used to justify the war in Farawaystan are pathetic attempts to redeem acts of senseless brutality. War cannot be waged to instill any virtue, including democracy or the liberation of women. War always empowers those who have a penchant for violence and access to weapons. War turns the moral order upside down and abolishes all discussions of human rights. War banishes the just and the decent to the margins of society. And the weapons of war do not separate the innocent and the damned. An aerial drone is our version of an improvised explosive device. An iron fragmentation bomb is our answer to a suicide bomb. A burst from a belt-fed machine gun causes the same terror and bloodshed among civilians no matter who pulls the trigger...
[The rest of the article can be found here: ]

Monday, November 02, 2009

When a Short Short Path Isn't...

It appears that the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy, not long after his proclamation of having taken the "Short Short Path" had to eat his words. Well, at least we should give him credit for that much honesty, a commodity in short supply on that unfortunate world...

Well, dear hearts, sorry to say I have to admit that the Short Short Path to Total Complete Enlightenment has a few drawbacks I was not aware of...

First of all, it isn't short, let alone "Short, Short" -- in fact it isn't even a "Path", neither is exactly "Enlightenment" and, therefore, cannot be called "Total" or "Complete".

Secondly, if you have lived all your life with your head up your ass, it will, since it is the nature of things to return to their former state, in this case, pop right back to where from you pulled it out.

Thirdly, the experience of pulling your head out of your ass is just that -- an experience. How can any experience be "complete"? Well, if you blow your brains out or something final like that -- maybe, but then, don't you know, that makes a number of assumptions about the way things are which may not be valid.

So, it would seem the situation is hopeless -- however, there may be hope...

During those few moments of seeming freedom, those rare moments that seem to come to us all., you can blow your nose, take a breath of fresh air and get a somewhat less shit-eyed view of the world. If one is truly fortunate, the concept may dawn for you that there actually is, for want of a better word, a Reality.

Such understanding, can, in its unfolding, become the first steps on the Path of Simplicity.

More about that later...