Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Speaking of carnage

After the latest carnage because any dingbat in his wrong mind can grab something like a semi-automatic Bushmaster - the expected chorus of religious blasphemy cranks up, it's not the access a dingbat has to the semi-automatic, it is:

  1. ban on school prayer
  2. smart phones
  3. gay marriage
  4. marijauna 
  5. not spanking 
  6. teenagers who use cuss words
  7. black people (or whatever...)
That is to say, for some reason, take your pick, God is pissed off - none of these things would happen if we got rid of numbers 1 through 7 and any others these blasphemers might think of in a God Dominionated America.

It seems to me, that when someone uses "God" as a codeword, half the people turn their brains off and the other half stick their fingers in their ears.  The reason for that is there are too many people with access to the mass media who do God-speak with their heads up their collective ass...

Again, again - it's the ease of access to things whose only use is to kill people - don't blame God!


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

In a Free Society

From an article by Glenn Greenwald:

In a free society, those who wield political power fear those over whom the power is wielded: specifically, they harbor a healthy fear of what will happen to them if they abuse that power. But the hallmark of tyranny is that the opposite dynamic prevails: the citizenry fears its government because citizens know that there are no actual, meaningful limits on how power can be exercised. A nation in which liberties are systematically abused - in which limitations on state power are ignored without consequence - is one which gives rise to a climate of fear.

Frankly, I'm a bit paranoid myself and often censure or disguise who or what I am writing about, for example, Bulimo Charisma.

You can read the rest of the article here - but I don't recommend that because Glenn is a raving homosexual and his words and opinions have little bearing on the reality of freedom in the time since Terrible Tuesday...

Anyways, the bottom line for me is that secrecy - in itself - leads to disruption of democracy. yeah, yeah, yeah, it may be a necessity for national security, but the dynamics, especially when there is so much money, power and influence involved, lead to a parody of democracy and the morphing from republic to empire and what rough beast that lies beyond seems not only inevitable but hyped on steroids...

terrible times are coming, any fool can see
yet everyone keeps running after more misery
for our selves and our children
it's hard to believe...

Monday, December 03, 2012

There Is NO Fiscal Cliff

There is no "Fiscal Cliff".    

It is a fiction, a conscious fiction, a big lie as Doctor Goebbels so nicely framed it.

h.t. to Atkins at Hullabaloo