Friday, December 31, 2010

The Abysmal Gates

[What ever the truth if the matter, the Unknown Poet describes how a "being without a heart can occur - among other things it seems it is necessary to make a few rips in the fabric of Reality. How long such a state could last, it would seem that at most it would be unstable and fall through "Abysmal Gates".]

11. The Abysmal Gates

Can there really be a being without a heart?

In theory, "no", in practice, "it all depends".
If the fabric of time and space is torn apart
If any means is justified by the ends
If you think the unthinkable long enough
If you shed the last shreds of decency,
snuffle with pigs at the feeding trough
and sin against our common humanity
Why yes, I suppose it can be arranged!

There's always room for more in Madam's Fat Car,
among the entourage of the deranged.

Who knows? She may even pick you to be a star!

A star? A shooting star, with a dismal fate!
Falling, falling down to the abysmal gates!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Being Without a Heart

[Indeed, it is a strange question the Unknown Poet asks here - of course he doesn't mean the physical heart which pumps blood, but the secret heart where the indwelling spirit dwells. What sort of rough beast would such a creature be? No slouch I'm sure, but could one call such a thing, a being?]

10. A Being Without a Heart

"She was chosen to crush the world under her heel,
to suck the world dry like a giant tick."
I hate to write words like that but feel
I have no real choice other than this:
To fearlessly speak the words I find on my tongue,
and spit them out with no regard for taste.

I hear a song demanding to be sung:
"Our living world is being laid waste!
"And for what!", is it not our right to ask?
A pile of dung? A hill of dried beans?

Look closely, see what hides behind the mask:
a slithering, slathering beast beyond obscene.

The mind boggles, belches and falls apart!
Can there really be a being without a heart?

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Under an Iron Heel

[Here it seems the Unknown Poet of the Third Galaxy seems to have a hair up his ass about the activity of cults such as "Divine Lite - but it is mild compared to the vile bile he spews towards the illusion of "Exceptionalism" which blossomed in the United State of Arrogance mutating into a sick and ugly flower with the onset of the Terrible Times]

9. Under an Iron Heel

If you squeeze your eyeballs a bit you'll see light,
and if you stick your fingers in your ears
you'll hear some sounds - go on, give it a try!
If you call such sound the music of the spheres
and a flash of optic nerve the light divine,
that's all you need to open a godbiz store!

(Of course, you'll need to polish your line
to stand out from what's been said before.)

It's kind of disgusting, but on the other hand
it's not pernicious like some others I've heard
who claim that we possess a chosen land,
chosen by God's Holy Word,

"Chosen," I heard an old fart squeal,
"to crush the world under her iron heel!"

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snake Eyes

[Here, in the 8th. sonnet of "Dogs Barking", the Unknown Poet of the third Galaxy makes a radical departure from the original version of this corona, "Our Common Insanity". As to why there are two versions remains a mystery, despite extensive research in 2nd and 3rd level footnotes of the Absolute Truth (21st Edition)]

8. Snake Eyes

It isn't nice when them snake eyes wink:
The abyss yawns upon a restless night,
civilization totters on the brink.
Meanwhile, blind men rant, "We've seen the light!"

Conspiracies of mediocracy
unfolding plans to cut a cosmic fart:
"To play the Game all you really need
is two cents and a deck of marked cards!"

Combined with a complete lack of shame,
it's easy to get the fools to work for you:
Tell them that you've got a secret name
that you reveal to the chosen few,
they'll work for you day and night
and squeeze their eyeballs out to see some light.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Something Deeper...

7. Something Deeper?

Is it something deeper that we're afraid to mention,
which fills us with shame and follows us wherever we go?
Is it mortal sin or "just" sins of omission?
Indeed, it's hard to name, but this I know:

We need to understand it soon because
the time is short, in fact, it's running out.
We have trashed the earth, disobeyed her laws
and now, like drunks, all bleary eyed, we shout:

"We're gonna give up the juice, tomorrow, we think,
but we haven't time right now to pay the price,
that is except for another bitter drink..."

"Uh...who's paying for the next round?"
"Let's roll the dice!"
"Sixes and seven will get us to heaven in the wink
of an eye", "O, no! Snake eyes! That wasn't so nice!"

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Lord They Serve...

6. The "Lord" they Serve...

The "Lord" they serve rules a kingdom of death!

That's what I said and that's exactly what I meant!
How dare they do what they do to Holy Breath!
It's exactly as if the coin of the Kingdom was spent
on dried snot and used toilet wipe.

I try so very hard not to rant,
but when I hear about them selling tripe
as the "Will of God", to keep silent - I cannot!

People are not as stoopid as they think.
We understand how they bamboozle us!
We know what's in the kool-aid they make us drink!

So why don't more of us make more of a fuss?

Is it because we're all afraid of perdition?
Or is it something deeper that we're afraid to mention?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Wounded Heart

5. The Wounded Heart

When the wounded heart, so long denied, reappears,
is it really true that the earth will quake and shake,
that the sun will hide and the moon cry bloody tears?

Myself, I've little patience with those who take
our ancient texts and twist them into bits,
writing screenplays about what must come next.

In my book, they are a bunch of little shits,
sending us to hell on phony pretexts!

Shall I really speak what's really on my mind?
First of all, these disasters do not have to be!
Therefore, calling them false prophets is far too kind!
To speak truth to power, that is prophecy!

Come close to me now and smell the bile on my breath:
The "Lord" they serve rules a kingdom of death!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lies and Flatulence

[This is odd - it seems that the Unknown Poet of the Third Galaxy produced this sonnet corona in two versions. Either that or he forgot that he had finished what he then called "Our Common Insanity. Whatever the case, it is interesting to see the changes he made in the first part of the corona and how he developed the theme when they take off in different directions just over half way through the circle.]

4. Lies and Flatulence

Behind a pack of lies and flatulence,
finely carved and polished wooden masks,s
projecting simulated excellence,
the Bankers of Illusion go about their tasks:

Purity and Innocence are stripped clear to the bone,
then served up with spicy barbecue sauce.

True feeling then is only felt alone,
and love becomes a commodity that costs
not only your heart's blood, but cold cash!

And, as the Age of Insolence begins,
all human values are shat upon and trashed,
and holiness is counted as mortal sin...

What then, my friend?
What will you do with your fears
when the wounded heart, so long denied, reappears?