Friday, January 23, 2009

Legal Torture

[The later sonnettes of the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy are often direct as well as cryptic -- the couplet which introduces the sonnette is apparently his]

When torture is legal, the eagle grins
and without hope, without end -- the nightmare begins...

Legality was then seen to be
a luxury which we could ill afford.

The authority of our democracy
was then given to the Security Boards
who met secretly in soundproofed rooms,
rooms which many entered but few returned.

Across the land there settled a restless gloom
as the canker of security slowly burned
into the soul of our once fair nation,
something ugly and evil, a horror to see.

In fact, at the height of the terrible conflagration,
torture was shown on national tee-vee,
live, on prime time, from coast to coast,
"...and without commercial breaks!", announced the host.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Slimy Creep of Paranoia...

[According to 2nd level footnotes of the Absolute Truth (21st Edition) the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy composed this dark sonnette even as the Itsreal military was turning the Eyeless Strip into rubble in a manner horribly remeniscent of the earlier destruction of Falludja in Wudda-wreck and other places like Guanocow]

I woke suddenly, with a slimy creep
of paranoia, a fear of being watched
by shadow things waiting for me to sleep,
so that I, in my restless dreams, might be taught
to surrender to an ugliness of mind
which trumpets "truth", but delivers death;
which preaches "peace" while making new designs
for ways to rend and tear human flesh
into tiny bits of gristle and shattered bone...

The teacher taught that there is an ultimate sin
which no one and nothing can atone,
neither now nor when final judgment begins...

At the end of days, at the end of time,
the ugly evil will never, ever rhyme!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Neo-Gnostic Anxioms

[Elmer Eggplant, if you recall, was an autodidact part time theologian and cracker barrel philosopher in the Third Galaxy before the arrival of the Alien Veggies who saved that poor world from self-destruction at the last possible moment. Elmer composed this attempt at a sonnette in blank-verse to explain how it was possible for the Alien Veggies of the Third Galaxy to be able to travel between the stars.

Because of the tremendous distance between the stars and the limit of the speed of light, interstellar travel is a practical impossibility there just as in our more fortunate world. Whether or not Elmer's effort actually explains" why or how the Alien Veggies were able to it depends, I suppose, upon the reader!]

Deceptively plain in their simplicity,
the neo-gnostic axioms are three:

Before there was time -- no time...
Before there was space -- no space...
Before there was anything -- no thing...

Or, as they phrased it in olden times,
there always has, is and always will be:

That Certain Place of No Time or Space.

That is to say, from that single vantage point,
every place, every thing, every space and every time
can be seen, be reached, be touched, be known...

Those who comprehend a bit of this.
clothe themselves in humility,
for only they can walk between the stars!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Riverbend, bless you where ever you are...

... I'll meet you 'round the bend my friend, where hearts can heal and souls can mend...

That is the logo to Riverbend's blog. She is (and I do hope she still is) a young Iraqi woman. She blogged about the horror and terror of the Arrogant invasion of her country, detailing the downward spiral of misery, from bad to worse, to completely fucked up. Because of the ethnic cleaning in Bodybag, the capitol of Wudda-Wreck, her family fled to Syria -- where we lost contact with her.

I pray she is okay, but I fear for both her life and well-being. Riverbend was/is a gifted observer/writer/documentarian of the Terrible Times as they first began to unfold in her most unfortunate land which, by odd circumstance happens to be the cradle of what we call Western Civilization.

If you know nothing or anything about the utter catastrophe the Codpiece in Chief unleased upon Wudda-Wreck for reasons even a degenerate lizard would find hard to comprehend, please go through Riverbend's archives here and begin to, well, understand is perhaps a bit too much to ask, but comprehension is a good start... 

The last we heard from Riverbend was October 22, 2007, may the God of Gods watch over and protect her, whereever she is.