Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sarin in Leather

An intelligent person would assume that for Sarah Sarin to make a bid to be the Repugnant Party's candidate for Supreme Hole of the United State of Arrogance was both ridiculous and doomed to failure. However, intelligent people generally continue to misunderstand both the game and the goal.

The fact is, running for the highest office of Arrogance in itself would make Sarin wealthy - more accurately, stinking, filthy rich and losing in the bid in itself would only make her support among the Pee Party fringe of the Repugnant Party more solid than ever. As the Terrible Times slouch closer, a single natural disaster of sufficient magnitude could change the rules of the games being played in the Third Galaxy and apparently worthless marbles could suddenly be valuable indeed.

This may seem like thought fluff, but everyone agrees Sarin is a knock-out in black leather on a motorcycle.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

When Peace Came to the Third Galaxy - NOT!!!

When the news that Ahsawyah ben-Lately was dead, drowned, so to speak in a very, very wet operation - peace broke out like the popping of champagne bottles all over the Third Galaxy, especially of course in the United State of Arrogance.

Actually, what broke out was more like an aggravated rash, a rash of stupidity.

Of course, Bulimo Charisma, having personally ordered Operation "Kick Ass" enjoyed an immense rush of popularity. Bulimo had accomplished what Ronald Rexona had failed to do with wars in Farawaystan and Wud-a-wreck, costing thousands of dead Arrogant soldiers, millions of innocent Masher civilians and last, but not least, gibbery godzillions of good Arrogant dollars?

Less than a week after Ahsawyah's body had been dumped somewhere in the deep sea in a lead-box upgrade on the Mob's famous concrete boot, the Bankers of Illusion discovered that the Great War on Terra was not only not over but only now begun. Everyone, for the security of our our way of life and especially our freedom must continue to be very very afraid. More so now then before, anyone questioning the loss of habeas corpus and other civil rights to privacy and free-speech was showing a least a lack of pariotism or, even worse, treason.

Talking heads began to bobble and babble that that those who had protested Rexona's use of torture were lily-livered wimps: "Had not torture led to the snuff job on Ahsawyah?" Well, no, actually it had delayed finding the notorious terraist - and that by years. However, in the Third Galaxy, facts are abhorrent when they conflict in any way with the web spun by the Bankers of Illusion and that poor world wobbled closer towards the Terrible Times of global catastrophe and total endless war.