Saturday, September 04, 2010

Bucky Ball Day

Google was so kind as to remind us all that it is Bucky Ball Day - in fact the 25th.

Buckyballs are one of the most beautiful things you'll never see with the naked eye.

Just like diamonds, a beautiful thing we can see with the naked eye, buckyballs are made of carbon - and the reason that they can be is that carbon is what it is.

That carbon is what it is is why there can be life.

In fact, combined with how the rest of the manifest universe unfolds from something much smaller than a pin-prick, the way carbon is means that life not only did and does but has to be.

And because of life, we see and know the beauty of the diamond and the buckyball - and pearls and sunsets and the love in a lover's eye - that is to say, come into conscious awareness.

Now, isn't that a wonder!

Love - Being - Aware