Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Late Report from the Third Galaxy

Surprisingly, the final phase of the dismantling of the middle class in the United State of Arrogance began during the admin of Bulimo Charisma.

Surprising because, Bulimo came to power on a wave of hope - but then, that was not surprising. For all his visions, he was of necessity a politcal creature living with the political reality after Ronald Rexona.

The political reality was that the Repugnant Party was controlled by the monies of megacorps and their agents - "think" tanks, "grass root" organizations and, after the notorius court decision to put megacorps on a complete legal footing with real people, even in donations to politicians, the control became complete. With the dismantling of the unions as an effective force, the main source of alternative funding for politcal campaigns dried up.

Public Radio and Television, never well funded, became a shadow of its own pale self and the ordinary citizen was left to the propaganda news sources controlled by the megacorps. The alternative newssources on the Internet were slowly strangled by bandwidth priority measures in the name of "free market" and then censured in the name of Nat'l Security and the War on Terraism.

In short, as Peoples Republic of Tjaina became more like Arrogance and the other nations of Westworld, Arrogance became more like Tjaina.

And then came the Terrible Times.