Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Crazy Bird

I first met the crazy bird on a dreary gray winter afternoon, wandering in the wilderness, salvaging shards of my shattered mind (I had been trying so hard to find answers to question of hope and truth and faith and love) - suddenly, I heard my love singing, a crazy bird singing the melody of life, of the reality of love being aware.

What I have never understood is that the lark sings in the summer, but this was the middle of the winter, 1973, in the Happy Little Kingdom of Denmark:

[This time I'm using PODBEAN I won't say that pod-o-matic is useless, maybe it's just that I can't figure out how to use it - but in any case it doesn't do what I think I'm trying to tell it to do.]

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Little Girl - an (almost) True Story

Well, dear hearts, I'm still working on it, but here is a live version of a little story I posted ages ago with a slightly different title

The story goes back to 1968 when I worked for the American Chemical Society - I suspect that it is somehow connected with my first marriage which was then in rapid deterioration after my wife found out that she had married a virgin - she was convinced that meant that I was sure to cheat on her - sheet! I didn't even know how to spell "cheet"

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Night in June

From the last days of May until the first week of August is a time of bright nights when the evening dusk goes over to the dawn of day without the dark of night. One of these nights can be worth all the trouble of winter’s dreary dark - in the Happy Little Kingdom of Denmark, the best of all is Sankte Hans Aften, Midsummer Eve.

A Night in June

Well, dear hearts, now we try this from another angle, the thing with this Pod-o-muck-a-bit is that you can't - at least I don't see how you can edit what I think of as a post. So, here we try embedding something from the Google web-site [ ] which doesn't work there in I.E.

Anyway, this little snippet of a song was "composed" on the moment, sitting on the patio a June night a couple of years ago with Sunflower Woman sitting on the sofa - somehow I was able to catch it before it flew away on the evening breeze.

updade - it doesn't woik...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dear hearts, this is just a test of this pod-o-matic thingie - I've have some snafu embedding gadgets that work for a while, then they don't - in particular on IE browsers

UPDADE: The problem now is that this service kind of "blogs" the podded material, which means that the one you see here is not the one I posted here - this kinna suggs - barf!