Monday, November 28, 2011

The Little Doggie

Once upon a time in the Third Galaxy, there was a little doggy. He saw that the Man was eating all kinds of goodies. Being a good little doggy, he sat by the table and wagged his little doggy tail. The man looked at him lovingly, so he lifted his paw and waggled his tail all the more. Surely, he would soon share some of the goodies the Man was gorging on. Suddenly, the doggy felt a sharp pain and was on the verse of yelping in pain - but then, the Man gave the doggie a lovely piece of fresh, raw meat. The doggy was so happy!

The moral of this story is that there are no morals in the Third Galaxy, that go beyond amassing all the wealth you can, that wealth, in itself is a moral good and how it has been acquired or kept is of no importance as long as you haven't stolen (too much) from other fat cats.

The other moral is that little doggies, no matter how hard they work or how loyal they are to the man, get screwed, literally, in the end and end up with less than they started with.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Whoever Controls the Police has the Political Power

The police in the Third Galaxy belong to those who have the politcal power - and this is as true in the United State of Arrogance as it is in any of the dictatorships we are trained to boo and hiss during public hates, that is, when we watch television.

When you see this at a university and, elsewhere,
the tear gas, the tasers, the stun grenades, the noise cannons, the bulldozers, and - yes, when you know that young people had their mouths forced open so that pepper spray could be sent down their spit up blood for hours afterwards...

Well, what do you know? First off, you should know that people who are tortured do not have political power.

People who cannot assemble in public are not free and do not have politcal power - whoever the "We, the people" are in the Constitution and Bill of Rights it sure isn't the vast majority who have real political power.

So who has the power? Do you know? Those who control the money, the media, the public debate and the government as well as the police, those who cordinate mayors across the country together with the FBI and Homeland Security [sic] to end demonstrations - it is they who have the power. Who are they? We'd really like to know!

It sure as shit isn't the 99%. Being allowed to touch a computer screen once every four years is not democracy and it does not give political power. Being able to assemble, to demonstrate without being attacked by police, being able to speak your mind freely in public and not behind chain-link fence in a "free speech zone" - that is democracy and is what gives political power.