Monday, March 26, 2012

The Water Wars

In the speech, Sec. Clinton refers to "terrorism" - the "be afraid, be very afraid" meme is very important - we can only be reliably controlled by fear - if we are not afraid, then we become free.

"Disappear fear and love will appear!"

Important: the report is classified, i.e., there things in it which common mortals cannot be privy to. God only knows why and even then, maybe not - in any case, what is not classified is bad enough

Water Wars can benefit those the United State of Arrogance and others who are able to export "virtual water" - i.e., it takes water to grow food - those who have water can export food to those who don't have water to grow food. They can pay for it with money, or better, with raw materials.

Lacking these, then the prime human right takes effect: if you don't have water or food, you can starve to death or die of thirst (or the disease you get from drinking poluted water. Or as our Canadian prophet so neatly puts it - "...I've seen the future and it's murder..."

Still, I must confess that I am a bit ashamed of my deeply ingrained cynical snidyness - you can read the report, the version the slaves may read, and give thanks to Sec. Clinton - all things equal, which they are never likely to be, she would have made the better prez than either Big Dog or Bulimo Charisma.