Sunday, February 03, 2013

I Thought It Was a Joke...

Broozing past my usual haunts, I saw a link to Colbert at  Juan Cole's great blog - what fugged my imagination was the sign that said "Honor Bound to Defend Freedom" - I thought, they're playing with my mind, I mean like, nobody could really write that after the death camps and "Arbeit Macht Frei", no of course not, but yes they did.

O, fug, Fortress of Arrogance, your days are numbered...

Fortress of Arrogance...
I see the nature of your game, yes, I do!

I see rows and rows of concrete bricks
     piled up in walls many meters thick.
I see miles and miles of chain-link fence,
     electronic and high-tech defence,  yes, I do!

Fortress of Arrogance...
I see the quality of your shame,  yes, I do!

I see hours on end of poison dreams
     radiating from glowing screans.
I see banks of illusion,  modified souls,
     garbage exchanged for the purest of gold, yes, I do!

Fortress of Arrogance...
I see your number and your name,  yes, I do!

I see excrement screamers,  oceans of fleas,
     plagues of black locusts and scabs on the knees.                    
I see beans in the out-house, jam in the jar
     and, yes, I see Madam1 in her fat car,  yes, I do!

Fortress of Arrogance...
I see you going down in flames,  yes, I do!

She thinks she's so holy, but that's just a lie,
     like all of her lovers, she too will soon die.
In the space of an hour2 on one wicked day
     all wasted away,  yes, it's true!