Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Future is in the Hands of our Children

Dear hearts, I don't usually, in fact hardly ever bug my friends and other loved ones in this manner, but I am sick in my heart from hearing so many of our leaders and people with direct access the public mind call for for yet more bombs and bullets to solve the problem of bombs and bullets!  - chuck

2 million people are now displaced refugees of Syria. 1 million of them are children.

These children have lost the home they've known, often, their families, and the opportunity to grow and prosper as they struggle to grasp what has just happened to them.

Many organisations in neighbouring countries such as UNHCR, UNICEF, Save the Children, and the World Food Programme are working to provide them with essential shelter, food, and the chance to continue their education.  However, the money they need for this work is severely lacking.

I just signed the petition in support of a plan for Education without Borders - a plan that will help get the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon to resume their education within several weeks.

Will you sign it as well?  Every signature really does make a difference:


Children trapped in conflict zones are the most neglected and forgotten in the world.

Alongside 15-year old Syrian Refugee twin Sisters, Zahra and Amcaltoom Kattoo, there are now over one million Syrian children, any of whom are now being denied food, shelter and education.  Victims of the Syrian crisis, these children are denied a childhood that can never be relived.

We call on the international community to support the new plan to provide immediate education for the nearly 400,000 Syrian children now exiled in Lebanon.

We demand that word leaders at the United Nations General Assembly resolve at their meetings on September 23rd to put up the $402 million urgently needed to provide education for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and make available the funds necessary to ensure the right to education without borders for every child in the world.