Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Word to Bulimo Charisma

A word to Bulimo Charisma:

The Codpiece is a war criminal -- it has nothing to do with partisan politics.  

Please investigate and prosecute and send the bugger to do some hard time.

The Repugnants will scream -- let them scream.  They had the gall to impeach a president for a blow-job -- they have no credence whatsoever.

I repeat, the Codpiece is a criminal and must  be prosecuted -- else, the office of the Presidency will be ever tainted by his misdeeds.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Salt's Savor

I'm sick of the Quadrennial Horse Races -- they can take care of themselves...

"Can the street die?"

"Can a car die?"

"Can a rocking chair die?"

"Can the Sun die?"

A five year old boy asked such questions these many years ago and the answers were, "Yes, the Sun can die, but it takes so long that it is almost like it never happens."

"And, yes, things like a car or a rocking chair fall apart and are gone, so, we can say they sort of 'die' -- but they don't die in the same sense as a bird, a cat or we ourselves die."

"In fact, one might be tempted to say that the more a thing lives, the greater the living of life, the greater the death in its dieing."

"And that is why the salt must never lose its savor."

Salt's Savor

No matter how hard you try to twist the truth,
the fact remains that right in front of your face
resides the answer you've sought since your early youth!

It delights your sight and tantalizes your taste.
It tickles your nose and sometimes even your toes!

It whispers in your ear, "Never fear,
I am with you wherever you ever go
in the spring, summer, fall and winter of all your years..."

It is life, that is to say, all that is.
It is life for only life is what-is.
It is only life that really exists.
Life is the essence of all your "God" business.

Without it, the salt has already lost its savor!
Without it, there was never any savior!