Sunday, May 28, 2006

Introducing The Crazy Bird

Who is The Crazy Bird?

The Crazy Bird is a picture, a poem, a song and a vision of the reality which can unfold in the human heart. In the drawing to the right you see a heart which opens to what must be the open sky. But the heart is also flying in the sky, so what sky is this?

At the bottom of the heart is what could be the sun, either rising or setting. But it could also be an open door -- opening to what? Further up, we see three birds, but they could be three rips or cuts in the sky. The Crazy Bird has wings, so perhaps it is flying, but what are the three lines above the Crazy Bird -- is it energy rising or coming down, smoke, a flame? Or all of them in constant permutation?

Actually, the Crazy Bird is also a bird singing in the sky, a lark? a black bird? The song is healing a young man who has lost his mind and is wandering in the wilderness of a winter afternoon.

We'll return to the Bird every now and then -- until then:

Crazy Biiirrrd, O, Craaaazzzyy Bird, won't you sing your song for me!

I'm just a poor boy, headed for eternity -- I know I said eternity, I might just have meant something else:

This earth can be a heaven, this earth can be a hell

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