Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just a Number -- take two

Now dear hearts you get to see, before your very eyes the logical extention of the folk-process.

Yesterday, full of inspiration and pissed off by my disappreciation of the White House Press Secretary's off-handed remark to number 2500 getting a last ride home in a flag-draped coffin, "It's just a number" (or maybe he said, "It's a number", but big deal.

Anyway, what I first wrote was POS, at least unsingable -- how can you sing lines of alternating pen- and tetrameter? Soooo, I redid the thing today and although it could maybe be sung to "On Top of Old Smokey" I've got a better tune. In fact, I think it is as good as anything I have got from my unemployed angel from the Third Galaxy.

Just a Number (take two, 17 June 2006 Chuck Cliff)

Two thousand five hundred fresh graves in white rows…
but, “That’s just a number”, says Mr. Snow.
Two thousand five hundred, lives thrown away,
but, “That’s just a number”, we all heard him say.
Two thousand five hundred came home in a box,
but, “That’s just a number” said that bastard from Fox!
Two thousand five hundred names to write on long walls,
but, “That’s just a number”, as if that was all.

Two thousand five hundred, cut down in their prime
but, “That’s just a number” what a helluva line!
Two thousand five hundred times how many more,
but, “That’s just a number” sneers the media whore!
Two thousand five hundred and many more maimed,
their bodies & minds broken, driven insane…
Two thousand five hundred, questions burn in my mind,
brothers and sisters, are we deaf are we blind?

For two thousand five hundred fistfuls of red sand
can you tell me why monsters are running our land?
For WE are the people and this land is our land,
and we’re not just numbers, like dollars to spend!
Brothers and sisters, please let us join hands,
with all of our numbers we can take back our land!
Brothers and sisters, please let us join hands,
with all of our numbers we can take back our land!


Anonymous said...

Media Whores, sums it up.. Power and Greed are the motivators and the controllers for a governing system run by predators. Be it the military complex, tobacco, pharmaceutical, textile, all which have a start up story based on human suffering and continues to feed on the very people its supposedly serves. Please, may I have another Windy's Chili and just have the body parts served up as a side dish..( At least its protein that won't clog your arteries)

Remie / Baltimore, MD.

Chuck Cliff said...

Hi, Cuz,

There used to be a blog called "Media whores", but they closed up business after the last election, I think it was maybe a sub-blog to Bart Cop.

In some ways I don't like the term as the profession it refers to is probably more respectable.