Tuesday, June 20, 2006


If you think I’m laughing when you hear me cry,
When I tell the truth, you’ll think it’s just another lie:
The fools who rule our world will all kill you for a dime
They’re sending us all to hell and they’re working overtime.

Are you feeling helpless? Is there nothing you can do? The time is mad, the time is sad and everything is coming UNGLUED!
-- by an unknown poet from the Third Galaxy --in the Third Galaxy,
being unknown is a survival requirement. Synonyms for "known"
poet are "disappeared" and "forgotten".

I’ve been asked if an unemployed angel from the Third Galaxy really transmits material to me. Well, dammit, of course it does! You might as ask if Santa Claus really visits good little boys and girls or if the Tooth Fairy really leaves money when you put a tooth under your pillow!

I have also have come to the understanding that some people are assuming that Ronald Rexona and the United States of Arrogance are snidely satirical references to a leader and country in our world.

That is so ridiculous! Ronald Rexona is a hopeless clutz born with a silver spoon up his nose. When he became Supreme Hole, he declared War Zones and went about spreading not only Democracy and Freedom but the universal right to hot buttered popcorn throughout his world. How could he be compared to any person or country in our world?

To prove I really mean what I say and that I’m not putting you on, gassing you or writing tongue-in-cheek, tomorrow I will post an anecdote which will show, despite a few minor character faults, what a lovable fellow Ronald Rexona really is and at the same time demonstrate that he has no counterpart in our world. Well, not that many, and not that close.

If you scroll down a bit, you should find on the right hand side, a logo which shows that this blog is anti-torture. If you are for torture, boy, have I got just the place where you can spend your vacation. Actually, I’ve got several places, all run by the U.S. Gov’t, where you can relax and enjoy such fun sports as water boarding. If you have problems with the food, the hosts, without extra charges, will be happy to strap you down and shove a tube down your nose four times a day and fill your tummy with a nourishing liquid chock full of vitamins and minerals. I don’t know how many stars these hotels have, but some of them have three star generals!

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