Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dominions of the Beast

I’d planned starting July’s posts with something upbeat, positive and it was just the day for it – they finally turned Summer on here in Denmark, blue skies, thermometer rising, all the good stuff we sigh for during the endless November of Danish winter.

But then I made a mistake. I was sitting out there in my garden sipping a cool Saturday afternoon beer and took my usual swing around the blogs I visit to keep my self oriented on the news.

Damn if I didn’t right smack dab into something at Main and Central that nearly made me barf all over my laptop. American soldiers, accused of raping a young Iraqi woman, then killing her, her baby, husband and brother-in-law.

Bad enough, but the kicker is that the accused are from the same platoon two members of which were recently kidnapped, tortured, killed and thrown out on the street like garbage.

What was disgusting enough in itself, the murder of two Americans, now looks like an act of revenge, a blood-feud.

Mr. Bush, is this how we “spread democracy”?

Dominions of the Beast

Whut’s the fuggin’ problem?
You asking me?(!)

Just take a look around and you will see:
Garbage sold for the purest gold;
atocities in myriads untold
Our Mother Earth ripped and raped:
-- for what?
A technicolor fart?
A “director’s cut” as Innocence is slowly
stripped from the bone
to satisfy the endless “lust of Rome”?

When you turn “it” on, you know what happens to us?
We’re transported to:
-- Circus Maximus!

Reality shows ?
Bite my fuggin’ ass !
It’s all a piece of shit!
The broken glass
you see strewn across the city streets
while strolling through dominions of the Beast!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the update, and yes I had seen those two stories conflate a bit, and I too thought there was a connection between the rape/murder and the revenge killings.

Chuck Cliff said...


It looks like one of those stories that are going to be largely ignored, methinks -- or maybe they are saving it for Tuesday and July 4th?

Or, disgusting as it is, one could dish out a little snark and call it "yet another turning point" (down into hell) or yet another reason we can't "cut and run" -- we'd be bringing garbage like this home...