Friday, July 07, 2006

Remember When the Peace Began?

In yesterday’s post, “Tower of Babel”, I referred to the weekend in January 1973 when I lost my mind, it was the same weekend Mr. Nixon declared Peace [with honor] in Vietnam.

Looking back, I think it was the blaring headlines proclaiming “Peace on Sunday” which triggered entry into a twilight reality. A nightmare world in which the bombs had fallen and mentality was nothing but dissipating clouds of radioactive gas.

More objectively, something snapped in my mind and I went whacko bonkers for three days. The experience had nothing to do with any drugs, other than those the human brain can concoct through anxiety and lack of food and sleep.

I was most fortunate in that I never attracted enough attention to myself to be hospitalized or medicated in any way unless you count some hard-core love administered by my wife.

It was also the weekend I received the Crazy Bird as well as the seed for a number of song-poems. I hope to post a few of them over the coming days. I start with this one:

Remember when the Peace began? It was the first day of the week!
My mind completely wasted, I became a total freak!
My mind completely wasted I went out into the streets of night!

Take a lesson from Mary.
Take a lesson for free.
Take a lesson from every living thing you see.

Having tried too hard to find answers to questions of
Hope and Truth and Faith and Love and praying to the Lord-above,
I went into my hell and there, in hell, I found love -- my love!

Take a lesson from Mary…

My love is a dancer -- light on her toes!
My love is a RAINBOW -- completely unclothed!
My love is a DIAMOND both polished and uncut!

Take a lesson from Mary...

My love gives me the world in one rain drop!
A drowning flood flowing forever without a single stop!
Reflecting eternity, the ground slowly sucks it up!

Take a lesson from Mary...

It's hard to be a hero and it's hard to hold your breath!
It's hard to face the fact that you are facing death!
But once you've faced it all, you can surely face the rest?

Take a lesson from Mary...

“Mary” refers to my step mother who, a real nut case her self, took great pains to tell me so many times there was insanity in my biological family – which is not true and if true, I am the only example.

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