Sunday, July 02, 2006

Trying to Figure it Out

Well I was trying to figure it out how to put a picture of the Crazy Bird on the stoopid profile thing -- don't know what happened, but the picture still doesn't show up on the profile. Maybe the software thinks it's indecent, I mean look at all the naked sky!

So, to make the short story even shorter, I dasn't delete the post until I figure out what I did wrong when I copy pasted the url to the darn picture

This picture was taken back in 1999, before all the hysteria about the MILLENIUM!!! and before the Supreme Court picked up the President and put it under a bush, thereby lighting a slow fuse...

UPDATE: Jeeze, I found what I did wrong -- I put the URL for the picture in the field for the web site -- as HAL 9000 said, "We've seen this before, Dave..."

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