Saturday, October 21, 2006

Don't Let Them Steal It Again!

I'm sorry, folks, but I woke up this morning with a tinfoil hat on my head -- and it seems like some smart alec glued it in place!

I therefore deny all responsibility for any weird thing I might say, I know I'm not a president, but still, it's not my fault!

I have been taken over by an evil, alien entity and everything I might say from now on should be disregarded, or, at best, be given no more credence than one would give your run-of-the-mill right-wing radio talk-show blather mouth!

There are evil plans afoot to steal the upcoming elections!

Liberal agents have programmed touch-screen voting machines (you know, the ones that leave no paper trails!) to give two votes for a Democrat scum bag every time somebody votes for an upright Republican candidate who hasn't even (yet) been caught in a money and/or sex scam/scandal!

They have also arranged that all too few voting machines will be placed in affluent neighborhoods which usually vote Republican! This means that there will be long lines and hour long waits to vote in good, God-fearing conservative districts!

We must not take this lying down! We must protest!

When they start telling us through the liberal controlled media that there was a Democratic landslide victory despite the fact that polls before, during and after the election showing that Republican victories were certain across the board -- you must take to the streets!

You must do a thousand times better than in 2000 in Miami, and 2004 in Ohio when they tried to steal the election from us!

Take to the streets and demand that justice be done!

If they can steal yet another, a third election -- democracy in our fair republic will diedfrom asphyxiation!

I'm serious! Ukrainian and Mexican voters demanded justice -- are American voters just a bunch of wussies?

Hell, I think we should demonstrate even if we win!

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