Monday, October 23, 2006

Fat Cats -- Danish Variant, Small but Greedy

A little story so you all know we have also have carnivorous CEOs here in the Happy Little Kingdom of Denmark. Also a small object lesson in the rapaciousness of their "sense of entitlement" and how these types are out of touch with the common worker.

None of you have ever heard of Henning Dyremose and I reckon you could get through life without ever having heard of this fat cat who has his feeding grounds in Denmark.

When the national telephone company (TDC) was sold to a consortium of foreign investors this summer, it was Henning who went on television and, while licking the cream off his whiskers, told us what a great thing it was for Denmark and the employees of TDC had nothing to worry about...

A hundred billion kroner (16 billion $) is a lot of money for a national telephone company in a country of some five million people, I suppose, but a common working fellow like me has a hard time understanding why a public service company which was owned by the public until a few years ago had to be privatized in the first place and now, with Dyremose at the helm, was being sold to foreign investors -- all in the name of Holy Globalization.

The sale means that Henning Dyremose is going to be out of a job, but the word was that he was getting one of those things they call a "golden parachute" -- in this case 16million $, about 1% percent of the sales price...

Well, well, that was this summer and now the time has come for labor negotiations between the unions and TDC...

Worried that the rumor that he was getting so much money would affect the labor negotiations -- so, he went on television and said that, after taxes, he was only was getting 5 million $. He actually though that would make the unions come to their senses and not ask for too much money.

The workers, of course, are flabbergasted!

Has the man no sense of reality?

He actually thinks he deserves more of that kind of money and that he was getting so little was supposed to make common people happy?

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