Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tortured Confessions and Gulf War II

I am so disgusted I don't know where to start.

In fact, I'm starting to wonder if I am maybe living in the Third Galaxy and not on planet Earth.

Every sentient creature on the planet with the vaguest interest in the truth, that is, reality, knows that the invasion of Iraq was an illegal act of premeditated aggression and that the none of the ever changing, given reasons for its necessity could hold a cup of blood, let alone water.

Also, I've been saying again and again in these posts and as recently as this past weekend, that torture as a tool for gathering intelligence is counter productive. In brief your victims tell/confess to what they think you want to hear so the pain will stop.

But I read something y'day that simply takes the cake and walks all over it! It's not news, I first readd about it last summer, I think, but had forgotten the details.

First, remember that one of the of the more persistent "reasons" for "taking Saddam down" was that he and his gov't was connected to Ahsawyah been-Lately, his Al-Q crew and consequently Terrible Tuesday, that which normal people refer to as 9-11.

It has been repeatedly shown any connection to be not only utter bullshit, that is a premeditated lie. However, the original "hard evidence" was an Al-Q operative's confession. Eventually though, it has become known that the "confession" was obtained through torture!

The name of the Al-Q guy is Iban al Shakh al Libby.

This fellow was captured in Afghanistan in 2001, "ghosted" to Egypt where he was tortured for information. He was then "ghosted" back to e Bargan, an American run detention center in Afghanistan. It is a known fact that detainees have been tortured here and even murdered.

All of Libby's confessions, coerced through torture, were false -- he lied to stop the pain, or he lied to deceive -- the point is, the information was false!

It is at this juncture that my disgust barfs all over my laptop screen:

The "confession" confirming the imagined connection of the Saddam regime to 9-11 was a given reason for the Iraq War, and has led to 3000 dead Americans, 20000 maimed, a half-million dead Iraqis and a Nightmare of Death as the daily reality in much of Iraq -- the land which happens to be the cradle of civilization!
Such irony is indeed most bitter!

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