Sunday, November 05, 2006

In a Very Bad Mood!

It's a strange morning!

I spent a half hour discussing with Sunflower Woman quite specific problems we have regarding a child, the conception of which I was the paternal part, some years before we, SFW and I hooked up.

The above can translate to "love" or maybe the fact that as a product of 1955 I didn't know shit about "what goes on..."


I was twenty four years old and she, the child's mother, took my cherry, my manly virginity.

It's not something a MAN often talks about, but, being the incorrigible
asshole I am, I will speak up!

Not for my own self.

But for any poor, shitass boy out there who has been subjected to an asswipe regime which hides the fact that when you get about 14 years old, certain things happen to your body...

Things which mean, with or without "God's Blessing", you will put your erectilled penis into to the warmth of a woman's vagina and ejaculate sperm.

The rest is history, so what is the [excuse me] fucking problem?

Indeed, what is the fucking problem?

Screw "God", screw "Allah", screw in the Devine Asshole whatever "God" you can imagine!

We are the [excuse me] fucking beings we are.

We will do what we do because we are what we are!

You and "God" can go screw Him/Her self, if He/She/It wants to damn us to Hell for what we do.

All I can say is, FUCK God!

Sorry, it's just that I am pissed off, that is, in a bad mood!



Holy fuck Batman, don't hold back your feeling, say what's on your mind.

I can not remember when I have laughed so hard. These pent up thoughts that find their way to the forefront of our minds at times, are rarely there long enough to write them down and get them out. My post-mentalpausal flow, comes in about two weeks and I hope I can be as eloquent when it's my turn to vent.

Now back to business..Any chance of expanding on the 600K humans which the Codpiece's support groups deny is erroneous info from the folks at John Hopkins UNV, here in Baltimore. My point being, credibility on whose part? This is where Tribunals as I understand, are set up so war criminals from the U.S. of Amnesia, will be exempt when the killing of thousands which supposedly saves millions, finally come into account.

Nuke Watcher

Chuck Cliff said...

Hi nukie, sometimes blogging is so cool, it's MUCH better than writing on restroom walls in any case.

As for the other, we'll see what happens as it happens. They can't steal this election -- they can't, can they?

I mean it's ridiculous, it's like they stole apple pie -- how we got to where I could doubt and make jokes about the legitimacy of American elections is beyond me!