Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Nineveh Option...

Sometimes I feel like a latter day Jonah, except I've never really felt a call to either go to Nineveh and preach about the Lord's Wrath or flee to Tarshish and risk spending a long weekend in the belly of a big fish.

I especially don't want or plan to sit in the hot sun and watch a plant grow up about as fast as Jack's Bean Stalk, give me shade and then wilt, only to have the Heavenly Wise Ass give me a Divine Put Down just because I bitch about getting sunburn.

In any case, at this point, that is to say, in this age of crisis, I don't see how the Nineveh Option, you know, everybody putting on sackcloth and ashes is going to help things all that much at this point in time.

In any case not much more than Baker, Gates, their Iraq Study Group and the "new direction in Iraq" is going to help.

Even if they do get us out with a shiny plastic medal that reads "peace with honor", we'll be led by our noses to the next debacle of defecation.

Jeeze, do you know who Robert Gates is? I sure didn't, although I'd heard rumors, not until I got the real poop on the bozo via Ray McGovern -- he's the guy who invented the art of cooking intelligence to suit the political aims/games of his masters, easing the way for nasty things Ronald "King of Teflon" Reagan committed.
The thing is, once you pull the cord, there really isn't all that much you can do to keep the toilet from flushing, now is there?
And that is about where we are right now, dear hearts.

And not just in Iraq, but all over the world and in so many ways:
On your left, ladies and gentlemen, we have WOMAD, also known as Weapons of Obscene and Massively Agonizing Death -- a tremendous, world wide extravaganza featuring a cast of thousands of nuclear warheads as well as thousands of liters of anthrax, botulism and, the star of the show, Mr. Variola Major on Steroids, whose fatality rate has been pumped up from a mere 30 to 80% or maybe more.
On your right, ladies and gentlemen we see, Madam Polluted Earth and her lovely children, Drought, Poisoned Ground Water, Erosion, Disease, the twins Starvation and Mass Migration and, of course, last but not least, Ms. Global Warming accompanied by Rising Waters and Super Storms!
How did we get here? Do you really want to know?

First, the "smartness" of modern man has made him so stoopid that he can't see things right in front of his face!

Second, there are certain rules for smart and stoopid.

If you're stoopid, you do stoopid things, if you're smart, you do smart things -- once in a while, anyway.

Or like the Dude from Galilee supposedly said over and over:
What comes from the heart is what defiles or purifies the human & the fruit of its actions reveals what is in the heart of the human.

Or to put it in a way that a way even President Codpiece could comprehend:
If every thing you touch turns to shit, you must be an asshole!

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