Friday, November 03, 2006



I know that there is no such thing as "global warming".

I know this because such ideas are based on theories concocted by "scientists" who study what they call "facts" and forget to study the Wonderful Book Given to us by the Great Potato and His Only Begotten Spud, the Holy Idaho!

However, in Denmark, June, July, August, September and October were all warmer than average. July was a record month in the amount of sunshine while September and October were record months in how warm they were.

November started on Wednesday.

I look out my window this Friday morning and see two inches of snow on the ground...

The storm on Wednesday pushed so much water into the inner waterways between Jutland and the islands that there were floods in several cities. This has not happened in Denmark for at least 150 years.


In the USA it looks like a political tsunami is going to drown the Republican death grip on political power at least in Congress.

The polls are more than unanimous, they are unanimous in the same way that scientists are unanimous about global warming. Therefore, the polls should be taken with at least a grain of salt.

We all know that there is no such thing as global warming. Global warming predicts extremes in weather, with heat and cold waves, floods, storms, etc. Have we seen anything like that?

However, let us assume that the polls reflect more or less what will happen this coming Tuesday (such assumption assumes that the margin is so great that fudging the results on electronic voting machines which leave no paper trail is beyond even the Rovians godlike power to "fix").

Assuming that the Democrats find themselves with a sudden majority in the Senate and the House, a majority so large that even Fox news will be forced to call it a landslide, an earthquake, a tsunami -- what then?

Indeed, what then?

One thing I know for sure about the fellow in the White House is that he always goes with his "gut-feeling". His track record shows that his gut response to negativity is to up the ante. He will always go for double-or-nothing.

The problem is, this is not a rugby game, a fraternity fracas, an oil company adventure or even the governor-ship of Texas.

This is the President of the United States and this utter failure of a person who has never in his life had to take responsibility for any of his mistakes just happens to have in his hands the buttons which can activate the most devastating military machine the world has ever seen.

At this very moment a major naval force is in position near the Persian Gulf.



Anonymous said...

The only thing Shrub can do is the very thing that will make his legacy more dismal than it is. Attacking Iran will take the possible - Dieboldian influence notwithstanding - Democratic gains in Congress off the front page.

We already know that Saddam will be sentenced Sunday during a civil war, and as a result a hundred Americans could die every day for a week, not just in a month. Perfect Rovian logic: The worst Iraq ever was, juxtaposed against the worst America ever will be.

That won't matter. Bush needs a legacy, and he thinks he can avoid the consequences of his deadly dick-waving by creating something even worse than Iraq, you know, another comma.

A comma here, a comma there, and pretty soon you got a death sentence.

Chuck Cliff said...

"a comma here, a comma there..." is that your own turn of phrase?

Whatever, the Bush legacy will be a throne of bloody excrement...

I hate being so negative, it has always been my guide line as a writer to find a least a glimmer of light.

O well, we can always hope for the Alien Veggies to land...