Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two Cents

According to the early morning Danish news, the Dems have taken the House, having already scored the 15 seats needed for that.

The Senate is hanging in the balance, with only three of the six seats needed apparently secured.

One doesn't to be exceptionally prescient to know that there are going to a number of scandals about voting machines that don't work, irregularities at polling places particularly in poorer, ethnic communities which could be expected to vote Dem.

The question, will the party in power at the moment be able to steal enough to keep the Senate, will the disgust and outrage finally boil over into outrage and disgust?

We'll see how it all unfolds.

One thing I do figure is that the less demonstratively the Dems win, the more the results will be spun to be in fact a victory for the Repubs -- because there has been so much talk about a landslide, earthquake victory, anything less is a loss for the Dems and a win for the Repubs.

As I write, the Danish news comes on and now they say that the Dems are gonna get thirty seats in the house -- sounds good!

That's my two cents.



May I suggest to the readership, please find a copy of the DVD, "Hacking Democracy". The raising of a persons' level of awareness and the electronic field of voting equipment and those who control that equipment, is worth the time spent for a more clear understanding. Gosh, the readers will be able to really impress their friends and relatives with how much they have come to learn... Now if we can just work out that little issue called the Electorial Vote..
Nuke Watcher

Chuck Cliff said...

Hi, Nuker, there was a glitch somewhere and your post got on two times -- maybe that was because of the two cents? Whaterever there's only one now -- I whacked it...

This "Hacking Democracy", I think I've seen it now and then on blog adverts, you really recommend it?