Friday, November 10, 2006

Two More Cents, Maybe Even a Nickle...

To tell the truth, dear hearts, and have I ever been anything other, except, of course, for the occasional snide sarcasm, icy irony or simply sarcastic comment?

To tell the truth, I really don't feel I have all that good a handle on the apparent chaos going under the name of American Politics at the moment.

Therefore, I think I will forego much of the political comment as I have been engaging in lately and will concentrate more on what is dearer to my heart.

That said, I may not be able to control myself if I note things seeping in again from the Third Galaxy...

Like most everybody I was happy to see that the landslides exceeded anything I could let myself hope for. The Ravenheart went even so far as to bury his cynicism!!! I hope not, I suspect he may find it harder to keep buried than he thinks.

However, for one thing I won't rest easy until Allen in VA has not only conceded but gone past the week deadline he has to request a recount. I suspect/hope that he won't because in so doing he would (praise the Lord) put the last nail in the coffin of his presidential ambitions.

Again, that said, taking for granted that the 110th Congress will be controlled by the Democrats, we still have the problem of the still Republican lame duck Congress.

Bush has made clear, if you really listen to what he is saying that the beast may be wounded but it sure ain't dead by a long shot!

Greenwald has, as to be expected, extensive coverage on this so I'll just come with one quote from Bush in his reacent speech in the Rose Garden:
The other important priority in the war on terror is for the Congress to pass the Terrorist Surveillance Act.
The point is that when he asks the Dems to help him with the "war on terra" and when the plan is to get both Bolton and Gates confirmed in their nominations during the Lame Duck, it seems obvious that what he means is "continue business as usual in a different way to establish the president as a Unitary Executive and hope for a Repub president in 2008, some mad hawk like McCain, for example...

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