Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Peeing in Your Pants to Stay Warm...

From what I heard on Danish radio this morning, the news is finally reaching Denmark that President Codpiece is apparently getting ready to give in to the urge to surge -- that is, up the stakes in a desperate gamble.

The stakes are both American and Iraqi lives, a lot of money and perhaps even the tattered remains of world peace.

The gamble is that through Total War he can declare victory in Iraq, or maybe just a couple of neighborhoods in Baghdad.

Hearing him speak this morning on the radio was so surrealistic that I wondered if perhaps I was being transported to the Third Galaxy and was hearing Ronald Rexona who, after his initial debacle in Guanocow started the programs which brought him ascendancy to the position of Supreme Hole of Arrogance.

In a rather long sound-bite, even for Danish radio, I heard President Codpiece mumbling incomprehensibilities about how "the army is near the breaking point", "we need more troops" and, finally, "We're engaged in an ideological[!!!] war that is going to continue for a long time".

Uh, excuse me, what is an "ideological war"? What does ideology (the meaning of ideas) have to do with the war in Iraq, a war to obtain natural resources and establish global hegemony and empire?

As for the military being near the breaking point, that is no surprise.

Although media coverage has not been all that heavy, we have been told again and again by officers and retired generals that US military ground forces were near the breaking point.

Where are we supposed to get more troops and increase the size of the standing Army -- I'm eager to know how this how this could/would be accomplished.

Up to now, the only way the services have been able to meet their recruitment quotas is to lower the quotas and promise higher bonuses while lowering standards not only mentally but morally.

Morally? -- the Army used to keep shits like White Power racists out, but now they turn a blind eye to stuff like that as much as they think they can get away with.

The only place to get more troops is in a "surge". A "surge" is kind of like juggling the books, except that here we are talking about juggling flesh and blood.

Some troops are kept from going home and replacements are sent in before planned. All of a sudden you have thousands of more boots on the ground.

How many depends on whether you want to just break the military or destroy it completely. What do you bid, Codpiece? 20,000? 30,000 -- 40,000?

Did I hear 50,000? Going once, going twice, sold to the popinjay in the Commander in Chief suit.
They have a saying in Danish that "peeing in your pants to stay warm is not a long term solution".

In any case, it is pretty well established that the American people don't want Bush's war. In fact they even made this clear in the elections in November.

You know elections, where people express their political will in a democracy?

Well, there is a variant you might call "elective dictatorship" and that is where the Codpiece would like to go with this crapola about "unitary executive power". The thing is, he's just jealous of "Pootie Poot"

Enough of this ranting -- you can read things much better formulated material here, here and here.


Mad Kane said...

Thanks so much for linking to my Putin song parody. (I wrote that one so long ago, I'd nearly forgotten it.)
Mad Kane

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Well said, my friend.

If you haven't seen Gilliard's latest about how Sadr doesn't understand English so he won't notice the "Surge" is aimed at him, check it out.

His elegant use of language is always a joy to behold, you know, using dumb fuck and stupid motherfuckers with abandon.

Chuck Cliff said...

Well, Mad K., if I'd have known what it would cost me, I might not have linked to it -- thing is, after I saw that the melody was to "My Little Lollipop", I had that melody squirling around my brain bark for several hours, YEECH!

Just kidding of course

Chuck Cliff said...

Shit, I just hit a wrong key and all my comment disappeared -- what a bummer.

What I wrote was that the use of expletives, although a bit of an art usually, if they are to have meaning, in the case of DumbFuck Codpiece does not necessarily require excesive genius.

Do you really mean that Mucktawdr maybe unnerstans Engrish? Jeeze, that means we are screwed, all our plans are foiled!

What to do?


Activate the Omega 13!!!

Anonymous said...

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