Saturday, December 09, 2006

Secret Wars -- Secrecy Suks

Today's post will be a bit short.

We have all kinds of company coming for our much delayed semi-traditional Pumpkin Pie Party which is our answer to the bullshit commercial intrusion of an American Holiday into Danish culture.

Actually, it is more of a transformation. Danes have for centuries hollowed out sugar-beet roots in the Fall Winter season and put candles in them.

The reason we are delayed is because the people who were supposed to setup our winter garden, that is a glass enclosed patio were delayed for a number of reasons, some of them being weather, and some being that the (first) carpenter had to go to jail...

Anyways, I wanted to update yesterday's post about "The Secret War". I have looked like mad to find some web sites in English and my results are paltry to say the best.

One thing I want to say is that, as a former soldier who once, for economic reasons, swore to defend my country, I am absolutely pissed off fourteen different ways about the ways that governments betray our trust.

And that is a fact -- not only for Danish but also American and Brit soldieries

Of course, a cynic might say that is what governments do -- but the whole idea of democracy as defined by the Founding Fathers of the USA is that democracy cannot function without oversight (the function of the Congress) and a well-imformed public

I will go on record as saying that secrecy suks.

In itself secrecy in government institutions leads to bullshit. Without oversight, even the best will go out into the wild blue yonder -- and, in the case of the present US admin we do not have "the best".

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