Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Tale of TWO Padillas -- a Rant

It will not be obvious at first why this rant is a "Tale of TWO Padillas", Luis and Jose, please bear with me if you can find it in your heart.

One of these days I'm probably going to puke up all over my laptop while trying to express my disgust and helpless outrage at the things being done to people, some of them American citizens, in my name as an American citizen, by agencies of the American government.

We're talking incarceration, imprisonment, isolation and torture inflicted on -- do we even know how many? -- individuals without recourse to courts or anything resembling normal legal procedures.

In fact, we are even talking about outright murder!

A serial murderer worked for a section of Homeland Security as a paid informant, receiving nearly a quarter million $ over three years for services rendered. After the criminal activities of the DOJ and NSA, this is so sickening. The bile sticks in my throat!

When brave people, agents and journalists who bring to the public attention such cases of disgusting corruption and abuse of power, the reaction of government agencies in the Bush administration is always to attempt to silence the whistle blowers with intimidation, investigations, demotions, forced retirements and the threat of criminal prosecution.

Did I say, bring to public attention? Not with the alertness of the MSM (mainstream media) in the US! Bill Conyers has been reporting on this since September 2004 and it is first now that a (Brit) newspaper really picks up on the case.

Perhaps now the media beast will awaken and slaver over delicious headlines and lead-ins like the following from The Observer:

House of Death!!!
When 12 bodies were found buried in the garden of a Mexican house, it seemed like a case of drug-linked killings. But the trail led to Washington and a cover-up that went right to the top...

Perhaps, but then, except for a single US citizen, the people killed were all Mexicans. So perhaps the people won't get upset that the "drug lord" they finally busted in this case after at least a dozen murders got off with 25 years on frigging plea bargains -- he wasn't even charged with any of the murders...

Ah, yes, I feel so much better now! My ill mood passes, my mind clears and sanity once again settles upon me, enfolding me in warm embrace!

Why didn't I see it before? Limbaugh, Hannity, Coulter and all the other petulant pundits are right!

By an odd, in fact I should say sick coincidence, the American citizen who, through mistaken identity, was abducted, tortured and murdered by the homicidal maniac in the pay of Homeland Security -- this unfortunate young man and father of three had the same last name, Padilla, as the famous "Dirty Bomber" -- the guy up at the beginning of this rant, the one with leg chains and manacles chained to his waist, wearing blackout goggles and earphones is being escorted to the dentist by five guys in full riot gear.

This may look harsh but treatment but they are only there to catch him if he should stumble and fall so that he doesn't hurt himself.

The reason for the blackout goggles is so that he won't be frightened by the sight of the dentist chair.

The reason for the earphones is so that he won't be scared by the sound of the dentist's drill.

Actually, the guy is a bit of a nut case after 3½ years of isolation.

His lawyers say that he acts "like a piece of furniture" and "...he has been so damaged by his interrogations and prolonged isolation that he suffers post-traumatic stress disorder and is unable to assist in his own defense." His interrogations, they say, included "hooding, stress positions, assaults, threats of imminent execution and the administration of truth serums" (read LSD and PCB).

But hey, he gets free dental care and halal food to eat!

That's pretty good for a "dirty bomber". True, he's no longer a "dirty bomber", but that doesn't prove that he didn't at one time entertain some Very Bad Thoughts!

In fact some crimes are so terrible that even not being charged with them (as he has not been charged) casts a cloud of terrible suspicion upon a person and they need to be locked away -- we don't want to wait for a mushroom cloud, do we?

Just a moment while I wipe the barf and spew off of my keyboard...

Aw gee! Now the keys stick!


Anonymous said...

A prominent wingnut blogger, Ann Althouse, claimed that Padilla had to wear the blackout goggles because he might wink in Morse code, you know, giving terrorist plans away.

Apparently they had to similarly cover his ears, because, you know, he might twitch them in code.

I read where sensory deprivation for a few hours can induce days of depression... impossible to imagine how long Jose Padilla was in that state.

For nothing.

The worst is the myth of the dirty bomb. The damage estimated from one of these kinds of bombs is calculated from not leaving the area of the bomb... for a year.

In other words, you have to stand still in the zone for a year to be damaged by the bomb.

Chuck Cliff said...

A lot of the effect of what what a dirty bomb would do -- besides the absolute shit in your pants hysteria -- depends on just how the material used was spread.

As a general rule, material emitting alpha or beta radiation only is not dangerous -- unless it enters the body in some way, through ingestion, inhaling or through lesions.

Here is one heck of a good article about plutonium -- the first part is some some stoopid ass who says it isn't a danger and the rest is a rebuttal

That is why, despite how they lie about it, Uranium Lite is bad news when aerosolized as it is when used as armor piercing munitions.

What I'm saying is that although it might not be a problem standing still, things like eating, drinking and breathing could be a problem in a contaminated area.

It is almost criminal how little the general public knows about radiation -- altho on an average they may know more than most politicians.