Tuesday, December 05, 2006

With that Old Winston Feeling...

[ The reference to "Winston" is of course to the protagonist of Mr. Orwell's proleptic novel whose name must not be mentioned in the Third Galaxy... ]

I have this, perhaps crazy, idea that it might be interesting now and then to hear what world news looks like seen through the lens of Danish media.

The stories of broader interest today are the on going soap about the death/murder/assasination of Livinentko, asbestos in Danish trains and a newly released movie, "The Secret War".

Seen from here, the Litvinenko story is getting to be surrealistic, reaching the "you can't make shit like this up" level.

The latest [yesterday] on Danish news was that traces of polonium 210 had been found in a dozen places, which leads to suspicions that:
1. The Putin government poisoned him.
2. He was poisoned by "friends" in order to discredit the Putin government.
3. He poisoned himself accidentally because he was dealing in black market radioactive substances.
What the radio forgot to mention was the most likely of all scenarios:
4. The polonium was left under his pillow by the tooth fairy in a box of chocolate cherries.
Seriously [almost], I'm starting to feel like Winston.

I would have sworn that yesterday I heard the Russian ambassador complaining because the Brits are sending a flying squad of investigators to Moscow.

This morning, though, the story is that the chief prosecutor in Moscow welcomes them. It was not stated that it was with open arms.

I read this morning that Scaramella, the fellow who shared treats with Litvenenko at the Sushi bar in London, which is now out of the running for Michelin stars, was also poisoned with polonium -- but not enough to kill him.

What is going on here?

Another news item is that the FSB was behind the murder/assasination which was intended to send a "signal" to critics of what is otherwise passed for a democratic government. That is supposed to be news?

It seems that there is asbestos in in Danish trains. This was a "known known" as Rummy used to say. The stuff was sealed, which is important because this type of asbestos is "red", that is, it is especially suitable for causing cancer and other problems when it gets into the lungs.

It seems "somebody" forgot to tell the people who repair the trains and the people who checked that everything was okay were people who worked for the trains...

Believe it or not, the conclusion was -- gasp! -- that when people/companies/agencies regulate themselves things like this happen! Does that mean you can't trust the government and assorted megacorps?

That is simply earthshaking!

More shocking news is the movie, "The Secret War", released yesterday, which documents how Danish soldiers in Afghanistan, back in 2002, turned over prisoners to the American military -- hold on to your seats, folks! -- who were real mean to them and even tortured them!

That is unbelievable!

The movie goes on to claim that the Prime Minister actually lied to the Danish Parliament about this! I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!

Why, a cynic might even want to tie that story in with the news that the newspaper people who printed a story back in 2003 were found not guilty yesterday. They printed information that the Prime Minster had lied to Parliament when he said that he knew for certain there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq!

The reporters based their story on information leaked by a whistle blower in Danish security.

The whistle blower had to do nine months in the shade, but the journalists got off -- figure that out, if you can.

I can't.

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