Saturday, January 20, 2007

News for the Deaf

After doing some yard work, I sat down in my easy chair y'day afternoon, turned on the flimmer box ran into "News for the Deaf" on the Danish public service channel -- I didn't even know the program existed.

I sat back and was surprised to hear some real hard core news. What appeared to the uninitiated like some sort of hand jive was being translated by a lady's voice saying that in 2003 the US had been approached by Iran offering to cooperate in reducing tensions dramatically in the Muddled East.

The source of this information I later learned was Lawrence Wilkerson, an aide to Colin Powell, who was then Secretary of State.

Apparently the Iranians were willing to offer a lot of things in exchange for some trade concessions. They were offering to cut back support to Hizbullah in Lebanon and help in stabilizing the recently invaded Iraq which already then was melting down into chaos -- even inspections of Iranian nuclear programs could have been on the table.

The State Department liked the idea and sent it over to the White House with a recommendation that US respond to the feeler.

But that Lord of Darkness, Richard Bruce Cheney shot it down just as casual as he shoots a captivity raised partridge because we don't "talk with evil". Evil!

I swear to God that if Mr. Cheney talks with himself or even just in his sleep, he is talking with evil.

Let's recap the developments since then:

1. Iraq has decayed into a festering hell wound fostering God only knows what coming evils and outrage.

2. Lebanon was bombed halfway back to the stone age.

3. Khatami, then the President of Iran and the likely source of the offer in the first place, unable to show any visible results of his reform policies lost the next elections to Ahmadinejad.

After the program I checked around and found that Juan Cole had a piece about this (that is where I learned that the aide to Colin Powell was Lawrence Wilkerson).

The normal news which followed and the news in the evening -- none of these carried them mentioned this tasty tidbit. The only reference I found was, like I said at Juan Cole's place.

The conclusion must be that when the Vice President of the United States inches the world to Armageddon with a wave of the hand -- such news is "News for the Deaf"


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