Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wyrd, Double Wyrd

Wyrd, double wyrd.

I heard about five American soldiers being killed by people in American military uniforms a few days ago, and sort of vaguely filed it away in the back of my mind -- I mean, it's not that you get inured to the ongoing reports of atrocities and war crimes, but, yes, you do get inured, heck, even bored, ho-hum, five dead, o well, there were thirteen in a Blackhawk helicopter the day before...

But, there is something wyrd, double wyrd about this latest incident.

Apparently, they were driving expensive SUV's, were wearing the new battlefield fatigues that not even all the US troops have yet been issued. They had IDs and spoke English. It also seems that the military outright lied about what happened. The soldiers were not killed in a firefight, but were kidnapped and executed some 25 miles away.

The point is, we don't know what is happening, Cheney doesn't and Bush doesn't -- this is worse than a catastrophe, it is an ongoing rolling fuggup and is, for my money, endindg with an attack on Iran.


JamesRaven said...

Speaking of Wyrd, it's in triple-lead musical form - albeit raw - here.

A fresh mix of it should be up there today.

Also, after killing the old blog it still shows up - albeit from last September. The new one is here.

Chuck Cliff said...

Yeah, but I bet you pronounce it "wired" this a different word and is pronounced "wierd" -- I know this because I made it up heh heh.

I'll take a look your wyrd later.