Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bubble Ships -- Banging Evolution

I'm doubting that I can tie this "Bubble Ship" series together like I thought.

What I have been writing about is the way that the manifest Universe apparently out-folded from what understand as the Big Bang to galaxies, stars and occasional rocky planets like our Mother Earth.

The point is, the inevitability of this out-folding. Inevitable in the sense of a seed corn putting down roots and first leaves up to the sun.

The next step is how life appeared on this planet. Was She impregnated by some sort of seed from interstellar space, or was it a sort of "parthogenisis", that is, a sort of "virgin birth"?

As they say in Danish, it "isn't good to know", which, in Danish, means you can't tell -- but the literal translation applies also. There are some things which aren't "good to know", in the sense they whack your understanding up side the head.

But, it really doesn't matter. The point is that the out-folding of the Universe brought forth a situation where there was a planet ready for life and whether it was chemical structures falling down from the skies, or an innate proclivity for the formation of complex hydrocarbon chemicals to form in the watery soup of the young planet, it doesn't make all that much difference. The fact is, that is the Way-Things-Are.

Again, the main thing is that once self-replicating chemicals have appeared, for whatever reason, the show is on the road and the force of evolution will, eventually, bring forth beings consciously aware -- it's just as sure as an apple tree making apples.

All this could be (mis)used to make a plea for Intelligent Design, that this "proves" a "designer" made it happen this way. But it would be over my objections.

My main objection is that it explains nothing to say this Universe was formed by an over-intelligent Being outside the Universe.

First of all, it explains nothing, nothing at all, nothing whatsoever.

Secondly, it is an idea put forth by people with a not so hidden agenda, that is (he he) the Intelligent Designer is, wow, surprise, surprise the God of Genesis in the Bible.

The reason is that the proposed Intelligent Designer is "outside" the Creation It Creates -- this is just a wheels-within-wheels sort of thing and explains nothing.

On the other hand, there is no reason that the Universe could not be a Thought (so heavy it fell into space) as I intuited many years ago.

There is no good reason to maintain that What Happened and what was followed by what we know as Big Bang must have been construed by a Someone.

The thought and fire of creation can be much more sensibly thought of as self-eflugent. It makes as much sense and is more simple.

You can make up ideas for how the Earth is the center of the universe, or even that the Earth is flat. The problem is that such theories are very complicated on the one hand and do not lend themselves to experimental verification. Similar are the so-called theories of Intelligent Design -- they explain nothing and, worse, they predict nothing which can be verified by either experiment or observation.

I have deliberately avoided talking about evolution until now for a number of reasons. First or all, because the popular concept of evolution is rather pale and two dimensional.

Perhaps I will write later about it, but let me say this: life is a force, once it appears, a force as real as the four forces of gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak interaction I mentioned earlier in this series about "Bubble Ships".

What I hope you may comprehend is that life is not simply determined by chance mutations -- life is like a player getting dealt cards.

The cards you get, genetically, as a living being are what you get dealt -- but, as a living being, you do the best you can with what you got.

That is the force of evolution -- life don't sit still, it tries and tries and tries.

Like Pete Seeger sang so many years ago Malvina Reynolds' words : "God bless the grass, they pour the concrete over it and it grows up through the cracks".

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