Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Million Jeremiahs...

Again, we return to the Third Galaxy.

Frankly, I think my unemployed angel is a bit off its stride today

However, this small screed penned by some unknown poet in the Third Galaxy is interesting. It seems to be from after the disaster of the invasion of Wutareck had become obvious to even the most oblivious Arrogant citizen and before Ronald Rexona clapped his hands and ordered the long planned attack on Yuran.

It is well known that this is the event which finally led to the ascendancy of the Supreme Hole -- and we should thank God nothing like this could ever happen in our world.

It is also well known the attack was actually the planning of Rexona's Evil Companion, "Big" Dick Snarly -- Rexona was always more a decider than a planner.

For months up to the day when Rexona ordered the bombers to take off on their black wings of death, the news was filled constantly with reports that it was the Yuranians who were responsible for the utter disaster the liberation of Wutareck had become.

An example, weapons were constantly being shown on television -- weapons which were being made in Yuran. The worst was the super-bomb. It was supposed to be high technology using specially prepared metal disks to allow the deadly penetrating explosion which had been responsible for the death and maiming of so many Arrogant soldiers.

It mattered little that these reports were constantly being shown to be lacking in veracity -- as soon as they were shown what they were, lies and propaganda, new reports appeared, serving up the same dish of disinformation in a different way.

In the case of the super-bomb, the deceit was in the question of the high tech involved in the disks used in the shaped charges -- however, the high tech was in developing the shape of the disks. Once that is known, it is no more high tech that what any well-equiped machine shop can make. The picture at the top is of a disk and you can see the sort that can be made in a machine shop. Just to make sure that you understand that this not some sort of satire, you can see where I got the links at Josh Marshall's place.

This is one of the big tricks of the Bankers of Illusion is to present a headline one day, after a few days there maybe a correction, but not as a headline.

It is the headlines that people remember, the banners streaming along the bottom and top of the glowing screens -- this is what remains injected into the public mind

My heart is heavy, is this how Jeremiah felt?

If so, then there are not one, but a million Jeremiahs...

We stand on the brink of a war which will open the gates of hell.

The things I see, I would not, but having seen them, I cannot say I have not.

There are many who not only see what I see, but see more deeply and completely what is coming down.

It was not some light in the sky or the Great Potato that taught me to see what I have seen -- it was other bloggers.

On the other hand, I would rather not speak of or even whisper these things into a well -- not unless there I can also find on my tongue words of hope, of the dawning of a better day.

The best I can come up with today is that our situation is rapidly extrapolating to a point where we be forced to face a critical Question:

Do we want to survive? Do we want to survive as human beings?

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