Friday, March 09, 2007

Times Will Come...

Those of you, if any, who have been following my (almost) daily postings here know that William Blake is and has been a strong influence and mentor of mine for many years, along with Thomas Merton and Teilhard de Chardin.

In fact, without blushing, I compare myself in many ways to Blake, albeit not in the stature of his genius, but in creative form. Blake cannot be comprehended through either his poetry or his painting alone, likewise my humble vision of reality is communicated through my poetry and songs.

Yesterday, I presented you with a pair of Blake's poems which tell of the human potential to realise a divine image. Today, you get a pair of my poems, composed within a fortnight in 1999, which describe possible results of human evolution (or devolution!)

A Time Will Come (14-02-99)
A time will come when everyone will turn
Into buckets of industrial waste.

I know that very few of you really yearn
For this, but still, it will be your fate.

The food you eat has been slowly changed
(With foreign genes and exotic chemicals)
Into cocktails that will fiddle your brains!

You'll all smile like the gals in the commercials,
But there'll be nobody home, you'll be out-to-lunch,
in La-La Land, a bunch of mental Tele-Tubbies;
& your conversations will match that of a bunch
of freaks gathered around their hubbly-bubblies:

"Yeah, man!" "Cool, man!"

"This dope is out-of-sight!"

"Hey, man, what we gonna do tonight?"

"Don' know -- d'-you?"

The Time Will Come (26-02-99)
The time will come when everyone will see
The glory and the simple majesty
Of all-that-is, shining with new paint!

Mending all the tears of what-ain't,
In the fabric of living love and life,
The love-of-life will be our holy wife!

Sewing each simple, hidden stitch,
She will heal that dislocated switch.

And it will be as if a new song
Should tend and heal all those silly wrongs
With such soft and sweet felicity.

Then will be: the New Reality!

Then will truly be that: Grand-Old-Time!
Everything will be the same -- yet changed!

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