Monday, April 23, 2007

Blacksburg -- Closing Words

This will be my third and, hopefully, final post on reactions to the Blacksburg tragedy.

I'll start with a comment left by my cousin, Nuke Watcher -- in particular for what he says about the people at Nickel Mines. With his kind permission, I have edited his comment slightly for clarity.

Horrific……….the act.

Then again, lets make it about the people who stand to really benefit by the attention drawn to their cause, their product, mainstream media, or promotion.
The politicians could not get to Blacksburg, VA. fast enough to capitalize on the moment and make it about them.

Geeze, I felt so much better when I saw how the Codpiece could turn a somber event into a sort of "Pep-Rally", even as parents of the victims, were trying to retrieve their children's remains and start to bring closure.

There is no delicate, or gentle way to perform an autopsy and these parents have no say, as to what the "Body Parts Harvesters" may have gained through the back door.

OBSCENE....please, the obscenity is only starting with the video wallpaper of what is yet to come with the likes of Nancy Grace, getting First Hand Eyewitnesses, one after another, to tell their story.

With these few comments of rant, I will simply point out, if you were to take 99 people and ask them if they remembered the event that played out at Nickel Mines, PA this past winter -- ask those 99 what was the name of the killer. Ninety eight, would not be able to answer that question.

The reason is that the Amish handled their tragedy in the manner in which they did. They showed that here lives a culture of people who banded together, put the politicians and media at bay, forgave the killer and supported his family, as everyone grieved together. The school building was demolished and a new one erected, leaving us to say, there is indeed a way, to forget the name of a killer.

Living in Denmark, I have had the good fortune of not having been bombarded in the same fashion as those of you in the states. That haunted visage quickly stopped peeking at me from the newspaper racks. Except for a short clip, they did not show the video on television*.

But, even from here, I can see from here that the hypocritical hand wringing and using the tragedy to further other agendas, that I mentioned earlier would come been forthcoming.

We have already heard from the usual bloviators that murders occurred because liberals hate America, because of video games, because of permissive child rearing, because of atheism, because there weren't enough guns on campus, because effeminate students didn't take the bozo out, because PC lawyers tied the hands of campus police, because of mind control. The list, although not endless does go on and on**.

Finally, last but not least, according Franklin Graham [yes, that Graham] it happened because the fellow was demonically possessed by evil spirits. In his kindness and charity, Graham sent 20 "rapid response chaplains" to Blacksburg. I swear, if such a one started praying at me, I'd smack them in the kisser***!

And I will stop here -- for those of us not affected by ties to the deceased, our tears are dryness and our sorrow a shallow stream.
* If one needed to see it, for understanding, curiosity or simple voyeurism, it was on the Danish Radio web site.

** I'm not going to post links because I don't want to support these people with attention.

*** I remember an anecdote from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross about a minister who told the bereaved family of a girl who had been abused and murdered that "She was now in heaven and had it better" or some insensitive crap like that -- the father floored the minister, knocked him down, he did.

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