Friday, April 27, 2007

Turning Corners into a Pile of Butter

A little experiment or object lesson if you will.

From your search engine of choice, google these two:

"turning a corner" iraq and "turning the corner" iraq

How many hits do you get?

I get lots, oodles in fact. Furthermore, the top responses have names in them like, Kagen, Krautheimer, Bush -- the very people who blew the trumpets and incompetently led us into this state of Endless War.

The point is, if you keep "turning a/ther corner", you end up chasing your own butt. Another way of putting it is that it becomes it becomes spin. If you keep it up and go fast enough, you'll end up turning into a pile of butter like the four tigers in "Little Black Sambo" -- except that in the case of the people mentioned above, it will more likely be a pile of bullshit.

Younger folks may not have heard of "Little Black Sambo", as he is no longer politically correct. It is the story of a little boy who cleverly escapes being eaten by four hungry tigers. He does them this in a classic folk tale manner by outwitting them. Finally, the tigers end up chasing each other round and round under a tree and turn into a pile butter which Sambo takes home where he eats 169 pancakes.

The original story has no racial overtones whatsoever. It was written by an English lady, Helen Bannerman in 1899. The setting of the story is a fantasy combination of India and the Caribbean.

The racial overtones, slurs actually, came from illustrations to the story. Especially execrable were illustrations used in later, pirated editions. Furthermore, in America, "Sambo" already had and increasingly acquired the connotations of an aggressive racial slur.

But the story itself is a pearl -- and a parable for today's world. If we are to survive as human beings and not in the belly of the "tigers", we must be clever like little Sambo and trick the bastards into chasing each other until they meltdown and political correctness be damned.

It was Moon of Alabama who pointed this out as well as The Rude Pundit who also alluded to the tigers churning themselves into butter -- without mentioning the story (was Rude Pundit being polite? That is unbelievable!).


An example of wingnut, nitrogen breathing break with reality [I do not link to places like this]:
Americans deserve all the pertient [sic]information available on the progress of our efforts in Iraq. And that means the US liberal news media should not become a propanda [sic] effort filtering out information they do not want to see or hear. 15 April 2007

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