Sunday, May 06, 2007

Boo-Boo Wants Us to Stay the Course -- What to Do?

[Sorry, folks, the link is from Danish radio, so won't be much use for most of you]

Well now, don't that beat all?

Boo-Boo Wankerman (aka Ayman al-Zawahri) is making fun of the Democrats in Congress for their law about withdrawing from Iraq! He regrets that we are leaving so soon! He invites Bush to enjoy a cup of juice in a cafeteria in the Green Zone and asks us to stay until there are 200,000 American casualties.

Is Boo-Boo is a Republican?

I don't know!

As all I have to go on is that clip from Danish radio, I won't know the truth until O'Rantly, Limburger, Seepage and the other members of that bunch of bloviating blowhards have had time to digest the disturbing news that "Number Two" of El Cube is sad to hear that we may be leaving and depriving El Cube such an excellent place for on-the-job training of the Terraists-of-Tomorrow.

It will be hard for them to come up with an explanation with the proper spin, but I know they will be able to rise to the challenge once again and come up with some bullshit explaining the evil of Boo-Boo's ploy to sap our will. Surely they will show how this is all because of the Democrat's traitorous wimpiness and failure to bow before the Vision and Iron Will of the Great Decider and Almighty Codpiece.

Enough snark!

The fact is, ladies and gentlemen, Boo-Boo and El Cube don't have any real shit to say about what comes down the tube in Iraq -- he is just trying to piggyback on our misfortunes and those of the Iraqis and fluff the image of his rather decimated organization.

The facts are that "foreign fighters" are minor if not an insignificant part of the insurgency to end our [illegal] occupation and even they have no real connection to El Cube except that they are trying to horn in on their franchise image.

If you want a serious and concise prediction of what awaits us in the remaining time of the Bush Residency, follow this link to Juan Cole's Informed Comment...


Anonymous said...

On the button, my friend. The piece on Juan Cole's blog is a very good intuitive leap, saw that too. I have said all along that a Green Zone attack of monumental proportion is in the cards, but who says we'll ever hear about it? Camp X-Ray got blown up last year, it never made the news.

Chuck Cliff said...

Actually, all the Nam-Vet Cole quoted was doing was update the last years of the Vietnam debacle.

Camp X-Ray -- I had forgotten about that one!

It could have been an accident like they said -- munition dumps do blow up sometimes for the simple reason that munitions are made to blow up! But I wouldn't even venture to lay odds one way or the other.