Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Obama and the American Dream

One would have to be both blind and deaf with a frontal lobotomy to not be aware that Barack Obama's bid for the office of President of the United States has turned from not only serious but realizable.

When even a cynic like JamesEagle puts a bumper sticker on his car and donates real money to the cause, I know that Obama has arrived.

What is it? The only impression I have of this fellow is a speech I saw on PBS when I was in Illinois last September. My understanding is that he actually finds the words he speaks all by himself. How odd!

Much is made of the fact that Obama's campaign has already raked in enormous amounts of campaign funds, putting this campaign on a par with that of Hillary. The amazing thing is that, according to my understanding, that the majority of contributions have been from small folk like JamesEagle, for example.

Why is this? All I know is the speech I saw transmitted and it seemed to me that he spoke the words he found in his mouth to say -- at the same time he seems to speak the American Dream. We haven't seen this since JFK. True, John did not think up everything he spoke publicly, but he not only could pronounce all the words but also understood them and -- most important -- gave an impression that he meant them that has lasted the test of time.

What I am trying to say is that Obama appears to be able regenerate the vision of the experiment in government by, for and of "We the People", which is the United States. The Codpiece administration has only fed upon the dream, sucking it dry and spitting it out in curdles of hypocritical phlegm.

There is a danger here. The Offices of President and Vice President themselves have been corrupted by time and circumstance and the active efforts of the present holders of power -- the very clockwork of our government is out of balance. This will not change just because we have a charismatic personality installed as President.

The other problem is the question of "black". Is Obama really "black"?

Well, try the Poosah City Test. Send him back in time and space to Poosah City and have him drink from the "Whites Only" drinking fountain -- whuddya think will happen? Or let him go into a store and start to try on a hat -- will he hear, "Nigger, if you put that hat on, you have bought it!".

There is not only an American Dream, there is also a parallel American Nightmare in our soul as a nation.

Hear what I am trying to say: JFK, RFK, MLK and others* -- there is a line and when it is crossed, the darkness takes them.
* John Lennon, Paul Wellstone, Thomas Merton for a start, the complete list in a bit longer...


Cap'n Rich said...

He's okay by me but is this the time fore the Democrats to be experimenting with blacks or women?

We have to win this election or all is lost.

Perhaps someone else will step to the fore in the near future.

TechnoBabe said...

Obama bumper stickers are on both cars! Whoohoo.

Chuck Cliff said...

The "accepted wisdom" last summer was that it was "too early" for him to run.

At the risk of not being quite PC, Obama is the, uhmn, ultimate dark horse...