Monday, July 23, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies -- A Box of Chocolates

I had not thought I would be posting a second installment of the Arrogant Prophecies so soon.

But it struck me of importance that the reader be acquainted with odd metre structure the unknown poet in the Third Galaxy for some reason chose to use for almost this entire work of strange verse -- sixteen lines of alternating tetra- and hexameter. If I understand the third-level footnotes correctly, the unknown poet felt that this imparted a certain tension as the couplets seem to want and occasionally do go over to iambic pentameter.

Without further ado, I give you the second part of the Arrogant Prophecies -- A Box of Chocolates:

A box of chocolates, "American-Creams"
nicely wrapped in holy roller coaster screams.

I picked them out while traveling between
my home at "By-the-Brook" and central Copenhagen.

They are the things that I have seen,
amalgamated with some second-hand visions and dreams...

To understand them, all you need
is knowledge of the love which flows from seeds that bleed.

Perhaps there is no room for conscience
in a world run by criminal negligence?

I swear, as a robber and a thief:
There is a wound — and a night beyond all relief!

Hate is much too mild a word
for that which I despise, to which I weld this curse:

Prince-of-this-world! Your feet are lice!
Your cloak is rot! Your halo buzzing flies!
"A box of chocolates", is a pun on my name. "By-the-Brook" is a literal translation of Vedbæk -- a town near where I was living when I first began composing these poems.

The terrible things depicted in these verses are a mix of personal experience ("things I've seen"), dreams and pictures evoked in my mind by the Book of the Holy Idaho ("second-hand visions").

The concept of a "robber and a thief" is a central theme in my poetry and refers to Look 23:42. "Prince of this world" refers to words of the Idaho recorded in Jawn 14:30, but Jawn 12:31 and 16:11 also use the phrase. The image of "Buzzing flies" as a halo would seem to refer to Beelzelbub (Lord of Flies), "lice" is of course a near homonym for "lies".

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