Saturday, July 28, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies -- An Initiation

In today's installment of the Arrogant Prophecies, I must admit that I was at first at a bit of a loss as to what the unknown poet in the Third Galaxy was getting at.

True, the title of the piece, "An Initiation" could be a clue, albeit somewhat enigmatic.

However, if we assume that the author's own comments are not just artistic smoke and mirrors, then perhaps we can understand that the reference to the "Sweetest Lady of the Night" is to the Moon and, in turn, to the feminine side of human nature. His reference to misogyny later in his notes makes this view more defensible.

I mentioned yesterday something which people in our more fortunate world may find hard to understand: in the Third Galaxy, sacred scripture was used to condone, in fact encourage attitudes and actions at loggerheads with the very spirit of the Book of the Holy Idaho!

Believe it or not, in the Third Galaxy, the Book was used to justify torture, mass executions by fire, ethnic cleansing and blatant genocide, just to mention a few of the more elegant excesses

However, it is clear from both the Old and the New Book that male and female are not only two sides of the same coin, but that this coin is dynamic. The coin, so to speak, spins in several dimensions at once. Therefore it is ridiculous to judge an individual solely from the sign on the body born by any individual.

Despite that, not only the Book of the Idaho but the Readings of the Masher were used to suppress, oppress and subjugate half the human race in the Third Galaxy, that is, all those who bore the sign on the body which marked them as women.

For long periods of time, women were chattel, in fact, cattle, breeding stock to owned, bought, bartered, gambled for, fought over and simply stolen -- and all of this was the Will of the Great Potato!

Enough of my mental tribulations! Let us go now to:

An Initiation
Knowing that the time was right,
I went to see the Sweetest Lady of the Night.

"Swear," she cried, "to never hide
the anger of the Wounded Heart So Long Denied."
"Sing! – for all the dandelions
cursed and crushed by stony hearts which never cry!"

"Expose the source of every lie
which blinds the wholly innocent inner eye!"
"To save our stranded innocence
and for all of those who gave their lives or took the chance:
Run, and shout and sing and dance!"

"Bring the flower home to reborn excellence!"
"When you have seen the apple grow,
can you tell another soul the thing you know?

What is done with no regrets,
and who could sleep in such a Procrustean bed?
Who, or what, is the "Sweetest Lady of the Night" -- the Moon?

Only those who have met Her can know -- and they speak in riddles! Perhaps, She is all that is maligned in the misogyny which puts us at odds with half of our nature, insisting that Great Potato is "He", when the fact is that "He" is also "She", as well as "All-that-Is", "It" and a googolplex of attributes and adjectives which do not begin to scratch the surface of the Reality-of-What-Is.

"Having seen the apple grow..." You may not be blind, but if you cannot see the hand in front of your face, of what use is sight? On the other hand, having seen but a tiniest corner lifted, or heard a tiny echo of the essence imbued in and permeating all that is -- how can you speak? Whatever you say, you will have to either stretch the truth or cut off one of its toes -- that is to say, put it to sleep in a "Procrustean Bed" of preconceptions.
Can anybody be satisfied with that? Well, I guess we have to make do with the best we can do!

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