Sunday, July 15, 2007

Puzzled, Confused and Afraid....

A couple of recent events puzzle me in a most disturbing way.

First was the resolution made by the US Senate authorizing the Codpiece to initiate (official) hostilities against Iran -- this resolution states as fact that Iran is actively seeking to develop nuclear weapons and that Iran is actively involved in the deaths of American soldiers by training and arming insurgent elements in Iraq.

If this doesn't bring back memories of WMD and Nigerian yellow cake -- WAKE UP!

More ugly, the resolution was passed with a nearly unanimous vote. The question is why?

Indeed, why did almost all US Senators go along with this blank check for war which so much resembles the brain-fart legislation passed before the illegal invasion of Iraq? I'm almost tin-foiled enough to assume that at least some Senators received small hints about embarrassing material garnered through (illegal) electronic surveillance. I mean heck, the FBI, CIA and NSA ought to be better than Larry Flynt in picking up on dirt!

The other development was the more recent public dissemination of a secret(!?) document telling the American People that Al-Qube is stronger now than it was even before that Terrible Tuesday six years ago this coming September. In fact, they now have twice as many operatives now as they did back then.

Not to be snide or snarky (like I said, I've given up on snark!), but it's like a message to be very very afraid, Ahsawyah been-Lately could be that dark-skinned person hiding in those shadows, or under your bed!

A sane person would say, "But why have we've been fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here when we're going to have to fight them over here anyway?" But that would be missing the point that certain elements in the Repugnant Party have been wet-dreaming about a big terraist hit on the Homeland that would unite the American People in a United State of Arrogance and them as what don't unite patriotically, a few can get shot and the rest go to jail.

Ooops!!! So sorry, I drifted off into my awareness of the Third Galaxy...

No, I don't really believe that we'd give up on the constitution, not much more than we already have anyway -- and martial law? You just know I've got to be kidding!

But the draft? That's an elephant in the room of a different color that would give new meaning to, "Support Your Troops!".

Of course, future, Cheneys, Pearls, Limburghers and Bushes would not have to worry -- there would be plenty of exemptions for those as have "other priorities" or cushy posts at home for the, um, well-connected.

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