Monday, August 06, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Booger on the Bone

When you read today's installment of the "Arrogant Prophecies", "Booger on the Bone", the question should occur to you -- why "obscene atrocities"?

Are not all atrocities obscene?

Perhaps the unknown poet is thinking of atrocities unnamed or not seen as such because they are perpertrated in awful public view and called "justice", "defending the faith", "defending freedom" or simply "business as usual".

The unkonwn poet's notes here give some ides as to what is meant by "source of boogers" and "booger on the bone". Although somewhat egnimatic, the usually reliable Elmer Eggplant goes even further and writes, "...the source or "quelle" of spiritual reality is in the bone and flesh which another philospher referred to as "these bloody truths. If we cannot accept -- in fact, embrace -- our mortality, all talk of Eternal Spud is complete and utter bullshit of the worst sort."
On Alpha Ralpha Boulevard,
a lonely freak exclaimed, "I know that times are hard!"

"But these obscene atrocities
are getting on the nerves of simple folk like me!"

"Almost everyone I know pretends
the source of boogers in the nose will never end!"

"They imply, in fact, with all their games
that dirty water doesn't flow down the drain!"

"Green is green and white is white;
I have no cause or hidden need to pick a fight!"

But still, it's hard to stand the sight
of people headed empty to the longest night!"

"Grass will grow where it's been sown;
but, what is understood before it has been known?

Can there be meat without a bone?
Can you find your rest if you have never found your home?"
As you know, I do not believe in the Idaho in the sense that he is the actual, literal "Only Sprouted Spud of the Great Potato". You should be aware however of use of the theme of skin, flesh and bone or bone marrow in stories about the disciples of spiritual masters and teachers. The point in such stories is that some disciples understand their teacher skin-deep, some have grasped his flesh, but very few get down to the bone.

Of the disciples of Idaho, it seems to have been only Tom the Doubter and Flipper who grasped something of the marrow [both sadly neglected in the canonized texts].

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