Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies -- The Human Condition

[Today's installment of the "Arrogant Prophecies" is more general and philosophical. It's about what it is that drove people in the Third Galaxy to do such ugly things.

I would like to point out that the final couplet here is a repetition of the final couplet of "An Initiation". In the first poem, however, the meaning is more positive, here the realization is a negative one

But now, I will let the unknown poet speak for himself.]

"This poem describs the destructive energy which forms when the Child is wounded and healing love is not received. Or, even worse, "love" is given on condition the Child betray its integrity even more. Destructive energy can either be channeled outwardly, inwardly or both."

"The inward channeling of destructive energy can be a desperate attempt to avoid inflicting / transmitting the pain onto others -- altruistic, but not nearly as effective as it might seem. One cannot destroy oneself without also injuring others."
The whale is a belly dark
and horribly bloody bites the grey and hungry shark.

But misery within the human heart
groans the world to death and tears it all apart.

The sound of rolling thunder across
an empty sky reminds me how our lives are tossed
by storms, the source of which was torn
into the hearts of children lost and long forlorn.

It seems that life stops for them.

Repeating scenes a hundred times a day, again
and again and yet once again,
they bend their precious life to numb, neurotic ends.

Having seen the apple grow,
can you tell another soul the thing you know?

What is done with no regrets;
and who would sleep in such a Procrustean bed?

The belly of the "whale" and the "shark" represent, I suppose, an inherent evil of physical existence. That is, the evil which can be terrible, but as it is mindless, impersonal evil, it can never be ugly in the sense that we, as humans, can perpertrate.

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