Sunday, August 19, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Loads of Toads...

In today's installment of the "Arrogant Prophecies", the unknown poet of the Third Galaxy finds yet another angle on the theme he has been addressing repeatedly -- the ways in which the Ugly Evil can manifest in the public mind as well as the world.

Again, I find that the unknown poet has himself left sufficient notes, so I will let the composer speak for himself about "Loads of Toads":

"It may well be so – quite likely, actually – that we are headed into a great crisis from which we may or may not emerge as human beings. However, this crisis and far less the result is not something which has been ordained by the Great Potato. Moreover, the eagerness of fundamentalists of every stripe to actually embrace such catastrophe is utter blasphemy of the darkest sort."

"Whatever the reason, we have reached the stage where the crisis seems inevitable -- a crisis may very well impel a spring in our evolution causing the unity implicit in our common humanity to become a realized reality. On the other hand, it's quite possible that we will screw the pooch so bad that the spirit of our common humanity is mortally wounded."

"In that scenario the light of conscious awareness will be extinguished on our planet."
The facts of our situation
are far worse than the consequences of red hot phones!

They're a screaming negativity
resounding within the bounds of steel and concrete!

The walls, relentlessly closing in,
choke and crush the will and suck the soul from bone!

What rare thing this poverty,
where people seldom dare to even think to speak
of the thoughts and dreams and things unseen
which dwell within the human heart's tenderness!

The woe is more than I can keen!

Ancient Horrors of the Night in modern-dress
clumsily caress and paw
the sweetest child of what was once called decency!

Meanwhile, demon armies of croaking frogs,
Creeping and crawl in blathering ascendancy!
I must apologize to our four-legged amphibian friends for using them as an image of Ugly Evil. True, I lifted the image straight from the Book of Idaho [Revulsions 16:12-14] where three sources of evil are seen barfing up demon spirits which hop, skip and blather, spewing blasphemies against the Great Potato. Still, I don't like projecting human failings on other creatures who have no say in the matter.

The fact is, frogs are pretty cool critters. There is a story that if you put a frog in a pot and slowly heat the water, it will end up getting cooked before it realizes how hot it is getting. This is an urban legend. The frog will actually hop out of the pot when it gets too hot. People though, especially when organized in social groups often fail in this regard -- how else can we explain how Ronald Rexona becoming Supreme Hole of Arrogance?

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