Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - Wither Goest Thou?

In this installment of the Arrogant Prophecies, the unknown poet addresses a subject on which there is some dispute -- when was the critical moment which made the rise of the Supreme Hole inevitable?.

Some experts maintain that it was the events of Terrible Tuesday which sealed the fate of that fair land which, under the misrule of the Great Decider, morphed into the United State of Arrogance. However, even with the modest understanding I have of the Third Galaxy from my access to the 21st Edition of the Absolute Truth, this is a truth with a lot of footnotes!

As far as I can tell, this dichotomy was present from the very beginning when the idea of a self-governing republican democracy was snatched from the whirlwinds of history. The institution of slavery was not addressed when the country was founded and this inevitably led to conflicts which were temporarily resolved in the Great Civil War. On the surface, the result of this war was the cementing of equality, liberty and justice as the cornerstone of our fair land.

However, the reality was something else. War always means destitution for the many and enormous profits for the few. What happened is that the enormous wealth garnered during the four years the civil war lasted took on a sort of life of its own. For the first time in history, corporations were recognized as judicial entities on equal foot with actual human beings. This meant that corporations became, in effect, essentially immortal beings of enormous wealth and power. In the end, as it had to be, the MegaCorps arose and it was they who controlled the politics as well as the economy of much of the Third Galaxy -- that is, until Ronald Rexona's ascendance as Supreme Hole and Decider of what then became known as "The United State of Arrogance".
Arrogance, wither goest thou?

Do you understand, or even know, exactly how
you came to this point in time and space?

Even now, you hold the destiny of the entire human race
in your gentle hands -- or iron fist!

Being forced to make such terrible choice -- will you resist?

Upon your brow, that shining star
proves: "A Nation Under God", you surely are!

Is it the God of the prophets and priests?
Or is it the "god" of a somewhat rougher and crueller beast?

In the end, which will you truly serve?
Will it be a Crown of Glory -- or shame -- you will deserve?

When I pray, "God Bless!" from my heart of grief,
These wounds in my hands are those of a robber and a thief!

In the end, when all is said and done,
it's what we do, and not what we say, which proves who won!

It truly pains me to write lines like that – but what can I do? Can I lie and say it doesn't matter?

Even before Terrible Tuesday, back before the Wall fell and the United Slovenly Socialist Republics collapsed into chaos and the new dictatorship began to rise from the ashes. It was all so obvious!

It was like I could hear the turnings of an immense clockwork. And then came Terrible Tuesday -- the shallowness of that foolish man became as obvious as the smell of luncheon meat gone weeks past its "use-before" date.

I saw my beloved country, the Lady of Light and Liberty at a terrible cross-roads. It was as if which path she would choose had already been chosen for her by reptilian shape-changers who had taken control


Passenger said...

Once again you are right on the money, no pun intended.

Chuck Cliff said...

Thanks, passenger -- I must be slow tonight, I can't find the pun -- but then you know of course Ben Franklin's rejoinder when they asked him to make a pun?

"On what subject should I make a pun?"

"Upon the King, sir, upon the King!"

"But the King is not a 'subject', for he is the King"

And they laughed and laughed and then for 8 long years we spilt our blood to obtain our independence.