Sunday, September 02, 2007

Arrogant Prophecies - A Modest Epiphany

I dislike trying to second-guess a writer, even less the unknown poet from the Third Galaxy, however, it is obvious that the image he uses here, "shovelfuls of burning sand", was taken from an essay penned by the rather pedantic Elmer Eggplant.

In his "Bubble Ships", Eggplant compares the Manifest Universe with a shovelful of burning sand which some fellow casts up into the air and, when it falls, just happens to form sand castles. In his rather pathetic analogy, Eggplant points out that, if you look closely, you see little windows in the sand castles with flickering lights and people looking out, some of them saying "Wow!".

The comment of the unknown poet is that, "If you would acquire the sort of understanding which the sages seek, you must have a balance, in fact a union between the intellect and the intuitive, between the feminine and the masculine, the dark and the light in your nature -- in brief, you must regain the knowledge of the little child, the ability to say "Wow!" – a moderate epiphany."
Such fountains of confusion come
from sources not quite so far away as some
would have you think. The power to-Be
is inherently implicit in eternity!

These shovelfuls of burning sand,
slung into the utter night with such careless hand!

Seemingly indifferent
to the consequence of interstellar accidents,
worlds like motes of sparkling dust,
are caught for a moment in bright sunbeams of light.

A pot of stew and the taste is just
confused -- it isn't wrong -- it just isn't right!

Then all of a sudden, with a pinch of thyme,
it comes together in rhymes, and rhymes in chimes of rhymes!

And all the time that ever was
is always there because it always was, eternal love.
"Motes of sparkling dust", as a child, confined to my bed with a childhood disease, the blinds were drawn and shafts of sunlight came through here and there and in those bright beams, the dust in the air glinted and fascinated me. I saw them as worlds, a parable of time and space.

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