Sunday, December 30, 2007

If the Truth Be Told...

If elections are the litmus test of democracy, then there are no dictatorships!

In my researches into the fate of that poor world we know as the Third Galaxy, I have used that compendium of all that transpired just before and during the Terrible Times.

(I refer of course to that enormous volume called "The Absolute Truth, 21st Edition" whose pages are several kilometers from top to bottom.) It has gradually become clear to me that the Supreme Hole was probably a composite figure of all the assholes who ruled that unfortunate land as it mutated into a Unified State of Arrogance.

Indeed, the Supreme Hole was an institution more than a person -- in our own more fortunate, peaceful and most important sane world you could perhaps compare him to the "Imperator" of Rome (which means "Commander in Chief" in Latin!).

This perhaps explains why the title Ronald Rexona enjoyed most of all was "Codpiece in Chief". In any case, both he and those who followed were always referred to in Approved Media in terms that extolled their manly virtues, their smell of old leather, their broad shoulders, their ability to do whatever had to be done in the war against terra -- even if a few heads as well as laws had to be broken.

If the truth be told -- and it was eventually -- they were all a pack of wacko wolves with less than gangster morality. None of them ever did a lick of real, honest work. The only way any of them ever "Served their Country", the Lady of Liberty and Light, was to rip her off for everything they could get.

That is why it was not only disgusting but outright obscene when Ronald Rexona pranced about in one of his funny uniforms, saying things like, "The Holy Idaho gave Arrogance a 'Mission to Bring Democracy to the World!'" or, "It is the duty of all Arrogant citizens to 'Support the Troops!'".

At the moment I am trying to unravel the chronology of events up to and during the beginning of the Terrible Times. This is not only difficult, but confusing as well as time consuming as, besides the main text, I also have access to both the 2nd and 3rd level on-line footnotes!

The entity which first began transmitting to me information about the Third Galaxy these many years ago, the then unemployed angel, Manu el-Ishman, has proved to have been more reliable that I had first thought -- this became clear to me after it had received employment "somewhere at a secret location" and I was thereafter granted direct access to the Absolute Truth. However, it has slowly has become apparent to me that it often saw things in a more general manner and the images were often blended somewhat -- this could also have partly been my own fault, as I had no prior training or even experience in channeling.

That said, it is now clear that the most critical time in the Third Galaxy was during the final year of what was or at least should have been Ronald Rexona's second term as Prez. I have not yet been able to determine whether it was actually Rexona who declared the State of Emergency (when elections and civil liberties were suspended to Protect Freedom and Preserve the Constitution), or someone who followed him -- this is the sort of thing I was referring to when I wrote above that Ishman saw things in a more general manner and sometimes the images he transmitted to me were "blended".

Therefore, I will begin to give you some thumb nail sketches of the sort of people who aspired to be the Arrogant Prez. You will soon hear of such as Mad Kane, Randy Jelliyoni, Horni Fuginfly, Fred Dumbson and other charming people.

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